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Technical characteristics
  • BrandМасПром
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
ZOOM lubricant complex lithium lubricant ― has the bigger durability, than LZ of central research institute, the best colloidal and mechanical stability, low interest of an evaporability at high temperatures, lack of water and higher viscosity at low temperatures. ZOOM lubricant has smaller tendency to thermohardening, possesses the best anti-oxidizing, protective and anticorrosive properties. These parameters allow during operation of the car approximately by 2 — 3 times to reduce wear of details of the bearing which are the main reason for heating and as, result, breakages of boxen knot, a car ottsepka in repair etc. Bench tests showed that ZOOM lubricant is capable to increase the term of operability of frictional units at high temperatures to + 150C. After a bookmark in boxen knot of ZOOM lubricant wheel couple NEEDS to be ROLLED!!!, it is caused by higher viscosity of lubricant. LZ lubricant of central research institute ― is applied to greasing of roller bearings of zheleznodororozhny cars. Lubricant keeps working capacity at a temperature from minus 60 to 100 °C. Lubricant represents mix of petroleum oils, thickened sodium kalytsiyevymi soaps of fatty acids of castor oil with addition of antiwear and protivokislitelny additives. Lubricant Buksol is developed instead of ZhRO and LZ-TsNII lubricants for rolling bearings of locomotives. lubricants Buksol ― to provide operability of boxen knots on locomotives with a speed of movement up to 200 km/h and ambient temperature to minus 50 °C. Lubricant Buksol with guarantee serves in frictional units not less than five years and maintains a locomotive run to 450 thousand kilometers. ZhT-72 lubricant (TU 38.101345-77) ― is intended for greasing of autobrake devices of the mobile train. Lubricant represents kremniyorganichesky liquid, thickened kompleksksny calcic soap of fatty acids. Contains the additive reducing viscosity at negative temperatures. Temperature range of use of lubricant makes from minus 60 to 120 °C. Short-term use of lubricant is allowed at a temperature up to 150 °C. Lubricant ZhT-79l represents mix of isoparaffin oil with kremniyorganichesky liquid, thickened lithium stearate. Contains softener and anti-oxidizing additive. Lubricant ZhT-79l is applied in brakes of locomotives and cars. It is characterized morozo-and water resistance, does not cause rubber swelling, shows good antiwear properties. Range of working temperatures from-60 to +120 °C ZhRO Lubricant — antifrictional railway lubricant. low-viscous petroleum oil, thickened lithium soap stearin, olein and acids of castor oil; contains anti-oxidizing additive. Scope: rolling bearings of axle boxes of railway locomotives, bearings of traction electric motors. High water resistance and anti-seize properties. Provides without replacement and replenishment of 400000 km of a run of electric locomotives and locomotives. It is efficient at a temperature from minus 40 to plus 120 °C. Substitutes: LZ-TsNII, 1-13. On frost resistance of ZhRO and LZ-TsNII lubricant are almost equivalent. The minimum temperature of their application is close to -40 °C. Unfortunately, operability of ZhRO lubricant to -50 °C is not confirmed by data on the size of its viscosity at low temperatures and experience of application at the enterprises in northern regions.
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ZOOM lubrican
ZOOM lubrican
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