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Zinc Oxide used in rubber industry

Zinc Oxide used in rubber industry

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Zinc oxide(indirect)
Molecular Formula: ZnO
Molecular Weight: 81.37
CAS No. 1314-13-2
H. S. Code: 28170010

Purpose: Mainly used as strengthening agent for rubber products, secondary accelerator for sulphurate rubber, reinforcing agent for coating material, material for hard glass, optical glass, accelerant and medical use rubber ointment; Also widely used in lines such as oil refining, pigment and battery.

Packaging: PE film bag (internal) and plastic woven bag (external), 25 Kg per bag.

Property: White powder, odorless, tastefree, non-gritty. Turn yellow when heated and, white when cooled. Specific gravity: 5.606. Melting point: 1975C. Hiding power: Smaller than that of basic lead white, of that of T10 2 and zinc sulphide. Staining power: 2 times of that of basic lead white. The difference with basic lead white is: It does not turn black with hydrogen sulfide; Dissolve in acids, alkalis, sal ammoniac and ammonia; Does not dissolve in water and alcohol; Change after absorbing CO2 in the air.

Quality index:
Specifications Index
Zinc oxide 99.7
Metallic zinc% none
Muriatic acid insoluble substance% 0.006
Calcination loss%& 0.2
Hydrotrope% 0.1
Sieve residue(75umwet sieve)% 0.1
Lead oxide(Pb)% 0.037
Copper oxide(Cu)% 0.0002
Manganese oxide(Mn)% 0.0001
105° C volatile% 0.3
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Zinc Oxide used in rubber industry
Zinc Oxide used in rubber industry
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