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Yellow turpentine solution of 250 ml

Yellow turpentine solution of 250 ml

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Therapeutic set for acceptance of bathtubs of Yellow turpentine solution of 250 ml


Skipofit-Terapevtichesky – a set for acceptance of bathtubs of yellow turpentine solution with extracts of herbs is intended for acceptance of turpentine bathtubs from yellow turpentine solution as a supportive application for prevention or simplification of a course of chronic diseases due to improvement of microblood circulation and stimulation of recovery processes in bodies and fabrics including in bone and cartilaginous fabrics and as the independent all-strengthening means.

Due to acceleration of a blood-groove promotes simplification of delivery of the operating components and nutrients to the damaged fabrics, intensifies processes of a metabolism in cages, promotes restoration of carbohydrate and fatty exchanges, strengthens the vital potential of cages, improves blood supply of fabrics and bodies.

Under the influence of the turpentine which is essential oil of a pine ability of an organism to self-control of a lipidic exchange increases, compensatory opportunities of an organism amplify.

Scope – for course application in medical sanatorium institutions and in house conditions at the recommendation of the doctor for prevention and simplification of a course of chronic diseases, increase of resilience of an organism to aggressive factors of external environment, for stimulation of peripheral blood circulation and processes of a metabolism.


The solution entering a set turpentine yellow represents the mix without mechanical impurity consisting of the following components:
turpentine natural zhivichny, the oleic acid, castor oil, a caustic natr distilled also has a smell of natural needles.

Extracts of herbs – buds of a pine, a birch; flowers of a calendula, camomile, yarrow; grass of a marjoram, St. John's Wort of a thyme, train, wormwood bitter, chistotela, pustyrnik; roots of a dandelion, valerian, acorus; fennel fruits; leaves of a nettle, a sage, a plantain, a peppermint, an eucalyptus, a Labrador tea marsh, an immortelle sandy, the tributary of a grass, zizifor klinopodiyevidny, a zyuznik European, a willow-herb narrow-leaved, the kopeechnik forgotten (a red root), a root of a burdock big, corn rylets, a meadowsweet vyazolistny, levze saflorovidny a root, a peony of the evading root, a radio-gramophone pink, duckweeds small, glycyrrhizas naked a root, a bearberry ordinary, a horsetail.

Recommendations about application

General duration of reception of a bathtub of 15 minutes.

Upon termination of procedure it is recommended, without being wiped, will be wrapped in a terry towel or a sheet and to have a rest within 1,5–2 hours.

During acceptance of a bathtub and after it within 45 minutes and till 1 o'clock, the easy pricking on skin can be felt. To carry out procedures every other day.

Before procedure, it is necessary to grease sensitive sites of skin with vaseline. A dosage at the rate on a bathtub of 150-170 l — 10 ml of solution.

To dissolve 10 ml of solution in 10 ml of hot water (60–70 degrees) and to pour out the received mix in previously prepared bathtub with water (temperature of 36-37 degrees). Before application it is necessary to shake up a bottle carefully.

At hit on mucous membranes of eyes – to wash out flowing water.

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Yellow turpentine solution of 250 ml
Yellow turpentine solution of 250 ml
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