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Wireless meteorological station of Davis Vantage Vue

Wireless meteorological station of Davis Vantage Vue

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandDavis
  • Country of manufactureUnited States


Vantage Vue - the latest product in a line of the Davis Instruments meteocomplexes.
Combining reliability, accuracy and durability of devices, classical for Davis, the Vantage Vue device is more available at the price, and its installation and control is simple, more than ever earlier.

The Vantage Vue meteocomplex consists of two components: the streamline block of sensors (ISS) and the console accepting meteodata. The block of sensors collects meteodata, such as ambient temperature, quantity and intensity of rainfall, speed and the direction of wind, and transfers them on a radio channel to the console for display.
For simplification of a review of the displayed information of Vantage Vue has the legible screen (7,6 cm x 8,5 cm) and the keyboard panel with illumination. The console in itself is the device for collecting meteodata, collecting data on temperature, humidity and barometric pressure indoors.
Besides the main console which is included in the meteocomplex package it is possible to buy additional consoles for installation outside or indoors.

The Vantage Vue meteocomplex also works with the software of WeatherLink® allowing users to transfer meteodata to the personal computer for the profound analysis and representation in a graphic look. Also WeatherLinkIP™ creates the separate meteorological website for each meteocomplex, and does it by a part of community of users of the Davis meteocomplexes, located at the address

Production of the Davis Instruments company has the certificate of conformity of ISO 9001


• Time and date (display of the current time and date or time of rising/sunset)
• A phase of the moon (display of eight phases of the moon - from a new moon to a full moon)
• Forecast icons (the icons speaking what weather to expect: solar, cloudy with clearings, cloudy, rainy or snow)
• Temperature and humidity (information on temperature outside of the room is updated on the console each 10 seconds, about temperature indoors - every minute. Data on humidity outside of the room are updated each 50 seconds, about humidity indoors - every minute)
• A barometer (the arrow displaying tendencies of change of pressure specifies whether pressure falls, grows or remains stable)
• The display of variable data (display of "a wind cool" and "a heat index", updated each 10 seconds, allows "to feel" in more detail weather)
• Rainfall (data on a total amount of precipitation, and also on intensity of rainfall in the last 25 hours, days or months are updated on the console each 20 seconds)
• The option "Comparison with Yesterday" (allows to compare changes of temperature and barometric pressure from day by day)
• Weather center (function provides a conclusion of additional information on each component of meteodata, for example, the maximum and minimum values in a day, changes of temperature within an hour, changes of barometric pressure, and also astronomical data, for example - data on meteoric rains)
• The convenient keyboard (convex keys "are easily felt" by fingers and are pressed. Illumination of the keyboard allows to get access to information on weather at any time. The Done key returns the user on the screen with the current data from any menu of the program)
• Graphic display of data in the last 25 hours, days or months. To 50 schedules including schedules for temperature, quantity and intensity of rainfall, data on wind and barometric pressure. All schedules are displayed on the console.
• The option "In the Same Time Yesterday" (points on graphics display a condition of weather which was observed in the same time in last days that simplifies comparison and the analysis of tendencies of change of weather conditions from day by day)
• Alarm signals (a possibility of simultaneous installation of 22 alarm signals warning about the dangerous weather phenomena, for example, gale-force winds, low temperature, high intensity of rainfall, danger of a flood and other)
• Wind speed (the winds given about speed are updated everyone 2½ seconds; are displayed in miles an hour, kilometers per hour, and also in knots. Calculation of average and maximum speed of wind for a two-minute and ten-minute interval is possible)

Functional features

• The liquid-crystal display with illumination (8х11 cm).
• The keyboard panel with illumination.
• Updating this each 2,5 seconds (by 10 times quicker, than at competitors).
• Additional registrar of data WeatherLink™, and also various versions of the software offering the profound analysis of meteodata

Characteristics of the device

• Control unit of a meteocomplex
• The collection of rainfall (the self-spray bucket provides the accuracy of measurement of an amount of precipitation with a step in 0,01" (0,2 mm).
• The anemometer (registers wind speed from 2 miles an hour (3 km/h) to 150 miles an hour (241 km/h).
• The weather-proof case (the case, steady against corrosion, ensures reliable functioning in adverse conditions of the environment. Electronic components are pressurized for additional protection against moisture influence)
• The filter (provides reliable protection from solar and other sources of radiation)
• The humidity temperature sensor (provides measurement of ambient temperature in the range from -40 °C to 65 °C (-40 °F to 150 °F). Also measures relative humidity ranging from 0 to 100%)
• Set of the fixing equipment
• The panel of solar batteries (provides food of the station during daylight hours. The built-in condenser provides food in night-time. The lithium battery provides reserve food in case of need)
• The water-level (provides more exact installation and improvement of data collection)

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Wireless meteorological station of Davis Vantage Vue
Wireless meteorological station of Davis Vantage Vue
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