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Buy Wheat Starch Glucose Syrup for Pastry
Wheat Starch Glucose Syrup for Pastry

Wheat Starch Glucose Syrup for Pastry

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandАгрокультэко
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Colorсветло-коричневый

Products: glucose syrup is used as a sweetener and anti - crystallizer in confectionery, soft drinks, jams, marmalade, compotes, ice cream, yoghurts, sauces, canning fruits and berries, buy wholesale from a manufacturer for export in Russia.

Viscous transparent liquid containing 50 - 70% sugar per kilogram of product, in which the glucose content is at least 90% .


Products composition:

  • Substrate glucose suspension - 50 - 70
  • Phosphoric acid - 1
  • Urea - 2
  • Micro vitamin supplement - 0.3

Color: light brown

It is made from corn or wheat starch according to the technologies and recipes of the Beslan maize plant.

Possesses high preserving and fermenting properties.

Benefits of glucose syrup over sugar:


  • increases the elasticity and gloss, as well as the viscosity and shelf life of confectionery products;
  • does not distort its smell;
  • is a natural stabilizer and emulsifier;
  • the cost is cheaper than sugar.

Volume of production:

  • minimum lot for sale 75,000 kg per day
  • the maximum annual production volume is 40,000 tons.

Shipment form: by INCOTERMS - EXW

Form of payment: 100% advance payment. Cash and non - cash payments.


What is glucose syrup for?

1. It can help to reduce the freezing point of the product, i. e. , the temperature at which the product with the syrup will begin to crystallize water into ice.

2. Helps to reduce the sweetness of the product.

3. Glucose syrup reduces water activity. Water promotes the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, in this case, glucose acts as a preservative, which allows the final product to extend the shelf life (ganache, body candy).

4. Glucose syrup is hygroscopic, ie it has water - retaining properties. It is recommended to use it when there is a liquid in the product that must be bound to prevent the final product from drying out (marshmallow, candy, nougat, marmalade), the formation of a dry crust on the surface (for example, marshmallow), when there is a lot of liquid in the recipe that needs to be stabilized. Also, glucose is used to bind water in the filling to prevent the dough from getting wet. Drying ganache in boxed chocolates can cause the body to crack.

5. Glucose helps prevent crystallization in the final product.

6. Absorbs and retains moisture in the final product (especially high DE syrups).

Experienced pastry chefs use two syrups at once to achieve the desired result and combine several properties: inert and glucose syrup.




Syrup with a low DE (20 - 38% ) - the syrup has a high viscosity, not very sweet.

A syrup with an average DE (39 - 58% ) is a well - prepared syrup with reducing sugars, but also with impurities.



  • moderately sweet taste;
  • transparent;
  • colorless;
  • without smell;
  • medium viscosity;
  • binds water well;
  • reduces the degree of freezing;
  • acts as an anti - crystallization agent.

This syrup is often used for making glazes (mirror glaze): since the syrup is moderately viscous, the freezing point decreases, and when defrosting, the product behaves perfectly.

Such glucose syrup is also suitable for making ganache, marmalade. Caramels, fillings for eclairs and other desserts.

Remember: frosting can only be frozen on a fat basis!

A syrup with a high DE (over 59% ) is a syrup with a high glucose content.


  • low viscosity (fluid);
  • moderately sweet;
  • perfectly retains moisture;
  • hygroscopic;
  • successfully binds water.


A syrup with a high performance is well suited for products saturated with water. The syrup acts as a "sponge" - it absorbs water and retains it. What prevents the product from drying out (body candy, nougat, marshmallow, marshmallow, etc. ). And anti - crystallization properties help from the formation of a "dry crust", wrapping the product.

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Wheat Starch Glucose Syrup for Pastry
Wheat Starch Glucose Syrup for Pastry
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