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Waterproofing tape sealant Nikoband

Waterproofing tape sealant Nikoband

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandТехнониколь
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • ColorЗеленый, Серый, Серебристый, Коричневый, Красный

3 m x 15 cm = 2 600 tg

10 m x 30 cm = 11 500 tg

DUO (bilateral) 10 m h10 cm = 6 000 tg


The self-adhesive pressurizing film "NIKOBAND™\" is intended for use at repair and construction of buildings and constructions. Main scopes:
- Sealing of seams and joints in designs from various materials (concrete, metal, a brick, a tree, plastic and
- The device of adjunctions on flat and cattle roofs.
- Repair of metal faltsevy roofs.
- Repair of systems of a drain (metal and plastic).
- Sealing of paroizolyatsionny films.
- Sealing of assembly seams at the device of a drainage layer from the pro-thinned-out membranes of "Planter".
- Waterproofing of metal pipes of cold water supply.
- Sealing of places of joints of designs from cellular polycarbonate (peaks, canopies, greenhouses, etc.).
- The device of capillary cut-offs at a stone laying and construction from a tree.
- A waterproofing of wooden products in concrete and stone designs (window and door blocks).
- Sealing of systems of ventilation (box, flexible air ducts).
- Paro waterproofing of assembly seams at the thermal insulation device from the made foam polyethylene.
- Sealing of metal and plastic vans of cars, repair of boats.
- Shumo - vibration insulation of metal sanitary products (a sink, a bathtub), metal window otliv.


It is applied to flameless laying - applied where it is forbidden to use an open flame, laying on the combustible bases and in the closed, limited space is possible. For use the additional equipment and special professional skills are not required.

Why YES?

The pressurizing bituminous layer of the film NIKOBEND is protected from UF of beams by an aluminum covering. It gives the chance without restrictions to apply a tape out of rooms.

The film sealant NIKOBEND in application is very simple and does not demand special skills. Thanks to a layer of the bituminous and polymeric knitting special structure perfectly performs functions of sealing throughout all service life (10 years).

Color scale of a tape is developed taking into account the most widespread shades of roofing coverings (including metallized). Allows to execute repair or a preventive waterproofing in tone of the main surface, without breaking appearance.

The lower self-adhesive surface provides a faultless and qualitative prikleyka to various surfaces: metal, slate, tree, plastic, plaster, concrete, glass, etc.


The surface has to be equal, dry and pure. Cut off a tape of necessary length, remove a protective film, paste a tape on the necessary site and densely press it. If temperature is below +5 °C, it is necessary to sustain NIKOBEND at the room temperature not less than 12 hours. Use of material at subzero temperature demands additional heating of a surface. It is not recommended to apply a tape on surfaces with a tilt angle> 55 ° and with the working temperature above 80 °C.
1. To clear and degrease
2. To measure and cut off
3. To remove a film
4. To lay and press

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Waterproofing tape sealant Nikoband
Waterproofing tape sealant Nikoband
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