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Waterproofing material water repellent

Waterproofing material water repellent

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"ELEMENT" is a product of a new generation of domestic conversion water - soluble silicone water repellents.


When applying the water repellent "ELEMENT" to the surface of the building:

· The effect of not being wetted by water is provided, it rolls off the surface "like water off a duck's back";

· Vapor permeability is preserved, therefore, the properties of materials are preserved (the wall "breathes");

· Prevents the appearance of internal microcracks - condensate collects on the surface;

· The appearance of building materials is preserved for a period of more than 5 years;

· "ELEMENT" practically excludes the defeat of the treated areas by fungi;

· Application of the ELEMENT product increases salt and frost resistance;

· Does not change the gas tightness of materials;

· Water repellent "ELEMENT" is fire and explosion proof;

Mode of application:

The working solution (concentrate diluted with tap water 1: 5) is prepared in an amount calculated for its use, not more than within 8 hours. For the preparation of a working solution and during storage of a commercial product, plastic, steel, glass containers are used. The use of containers made of non - ferrous metals (aluminum, galvanized iron, etc. ) is prohibited. The treatment with dry walls of buildings is carried out at temperatures below + 5 of C by the shadow side. Do not work during and immediately after rain . It is highly undesirable for the working solution to get on the glass of windows. In case of contact with glass, immediatelywash off the working solution with water. Wall treatment can be done with a hair brush or roller. Apply the working solution evenly according to the consumption rate. Apply to clean, dry surfaces by wetting. The quality control of the treatment can be carried out 48 hours after the treatment by pouring water on the treated area - the water flows off without being absorbed.

With a well - executed treatment, the effect of hydrophobization lasts more than 10 years.

Flow finished (working solution) of 100 - 300ml / m 2 depending on the porosity of the material. It is applied in 2 coats, with an interval of 5 - 15 minutes (wet on wet).

The cost of the material for 1m 2 does not exceed 15 rubles.


Safety precautions:

Water repellent "ELEMENT" and working solutions based on it have an alkaline reaction. Protective goggles, rubber gloves and an apron must be worn when mixing and handling products. Avoid getting the solution on the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth, if it gets on the skin, rinse with plenty of water.

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Waterproofing material water repellent
Waterproofing material water repellent
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