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YELLOW CORN GRADE #2 (Animal Feed) buy in Hà Nội   on Việt
Mua YELLOW CORN GRADE #2 (Animal Feed)
YELLOW CORN GRADE #2 (Animal Feed)

YELLOW CORN GRADE #2 (Animal Feed)

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Corn is an important cereal in the world, after wheat and rice. Corn is not only the food but also used as a popular animal feed. The natural conditions of Vietnam is perfectly suited for the planting corn. We specialize in providing high quality corn seeds from Son La, specialized areas of Corn in Vietnam.


YELLOW CORN GRADE #2 (animal feed)

Description: Free from odor, fungi, infection, toxin,  non-GMO,


– Moisture : 14% Max

– Foreign Matter : 1.5% Max

– Weevilled seeds : 2% Max

– Damaged Otherwise : 5% Max

– Broken Kernels : 2% Max

– Admixture : 2% Max

– Aflatoxin : 20PPB max

– Ash max 3%

– Fibers max 12.5%

  • – Protein Min 7.5%
  • – Non-nutritional foreign matters (glass, iron, nails) shouldn’t reach 1%.
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YELLOW CORN GRADE #2 (Animal Feed)
YELLOW CORN GRADE #2 (Animal Feed)
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