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Terrazzo Tile NH-2017108 buy in Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh on Việt
Mua Terrazzo Tile NH-2017108
Terrazzo Tile NH-2017108

Terrazzo Tile NH-2017108

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  • 557314.77 VND/m2  - từ 100 m2
Minimum order cost: 55 731 477.00 VND
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Việt Nam, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
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  • Thương hiệuNew Horizon Tile
  • Sản xuất tạiViệt Nam
  • Mầu sắcBlack
  • Terrazzo Tile NH-20171085000
Mô tả

How is cement tile made?

It’s a labor love. Colors are first prepared according to the customer order specifications. Each encaustic tile is made individually, and slight color variations can occur. This is an inherent characteristic of cement tiles, as it is made with natural materials.

The divider is set into the mold. This is what will separate the colors to create the surface of the concrete tile. Each color is poured into its specific section of the divider. Once each color section is filled, the divider is removed, and a mixture of fine sand and Portland cement is applied. This is the second layer and is used as a drier to reinforce the first layer of the cement tile.

Next, a porous mixture made of sand and Portland cement is applied. This is the third layer. The hand - crafted cement tiles are hydraulically pressed to give the encaustic tiles their hardness. Some cement tiles sold by other companies may just be hand - pressed, which results in a much weaker strength tile.

Finally, the cement tiles are cured in submersed water for a * * - hour period. This finishes the hardening process. Once completed, the floor tiles are moved to a solarium to dry for another * 4 hours.

After each piece is individually inspected for quality, the tiles are packaged and shipped in pallets. Recommended overage for waste, cuts, and borders is * 5% .


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Terrazzo Tile NH-2017108
Terrazzo Tile NH-2017108
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