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We are big manufacturer about TERRACOTTA TILE products, from famous Clay Sources, best quality in Viet Nam!

Our products are non slip, unglazed, details:

1. Flooring Tiles: 230x230x12mm (code DV03-L2, DV03-B2), 300x300x12mm (code DV03-L3, DV03-B3), 400x400x14mm (code DV03-L4, DV03-B4), 500x500x14mm (code DV03-L5, DV03-B5), 250x250x12 mm (code DV03-L1, DV03-B1).

2. Cladding Tiles: 240x60x9mm (code DV01-L1, DV01-B1), 240x68x9mm (code DV01-L2, DV01-B2).

3. Stepnose: 300x300x13mm (code DV03-L3,DV03-B3), 400x300x13mm (code DV03-L4, DV03-B4).

4. Roofing Tiles: 340x200x13mm (code M8), 340x170x16 (code M7), 200x100x9mm (code M24), 150x150x13mm (code M06), 260x160x12mm (code M07), 270x200x15mm (code M09), 150x150x11mm (code M11), 260x140x12mm (code M33).

Specification of Cotto tiles:

1. Average dimension tolerance of each piece comparing with standard dimension: max+/-2mm (Standard EN98)

2. Thickness, Average thickness tolerance comparing with standard dimension: +/-10% (EN98)

3. Side traightness: max, tolerance comparing with standard dimension: +/-0.5% (EN98)

4. Perpendicularity: max, tolerance comparing with standard dimension: +/-1.0% (EN98)

5. Water absorption: <=6% (EN99)

6. Average bending strength: >= 20N/mm2 (EN 100)

7. Resistance to abrasion (as per volume): <= 393mm3 (EN 154)

8. Modulus of ambient temperature: <= 10.10/C (EN 103)

9. Modulus of ambient weather: <= 0.6mm/m (EN 103)

10.Resistance to weather: pass(EN 102)

11. Resistance to chemicals (EN122)

-Resistance to acid: AA

-Resistance to alkali: AA

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Step Nose
Step Nose
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