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Pomelo buy in TP. Hồ Chí Minh   on Việt
Mua Pomelo


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Grapefruit (nomenclature of two parts: Citrus maxima (Merr., Burm. F.), Or Citrus grandis L., is a genus citrus fruits, usually pale green to yellow when ripe, thick, citrus, Porous cloves, sweet or sour depending on type. grapefruit has many options like size, such Doan Hung grapefruit with a diameter of only 15 cm, while Roi pomelo, Tan Trieu grapefruit (Bien Hoa), green grapefruit (Ben Tre) and many other common types of grapefruit in Vietnam, 18-20 cm.
Nutrition Facts One medium grapefruit provides approximately: -200 Calories -39mg of vitamin C -4.500 IU vitamin A -325mg potassium 40 mg of calcium -50mg phosphorus -25mcg folate -1mg iron -1g soluble fiber pectin. Type in red and pink grapefruit also have more beta carotene, an antioxidant that the body converts to vitamin A. Grapefruit can eat fruit or juiced. Cut a grapefruit half and eat with a spoon or contact peeled eat each zone. through several stages with strict tested before concluding. So if only the results of several studies, then please be calm, do not panic. I just slowly vigilant monitoring and slowly continued "moderate" good habits are. Wait until the authorities competent authorities "closed lip seal" good-bad judgments and respond immediately, perhaps not at the so late. Google Dịch dành cho doanh nghiệp:Bộ công cụ DịchTrình biên dịch Trang webGlobal Market Finder
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