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Fresh Durian fruit buy in Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh on Việt
Mua Fresh Durian fruit
Fresh Durian fruit

Fresh Durian fruit

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Việt Nam, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
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  • Sản xuất tạiViệt Nam
  • Loại trái câyДуриан
Mô tả
Durien is very very special: either you love it or you can't stand it. But one thing is clear: it smells unpleasant, unless you are eating it. Durian has indeed a special tempting smell. The strong smell can go straight to your nose. In Viet Nam, the fruit bears a quite austere name: Sầu Riêng (one's own sorrows). Sầu Riêng (Durian) is an expensive fruit. One durian fruit is five to six times larger than a cantaloupe. Its skin is thick, rough, and covered with sharp thorns, similar to a jackfruit. To eat: gently cut between the edges of the outer shell, then open the fruit to expose the layers of bright yellow segments of meat that make the pulp. If you belong to those who love Sầu Riêng, the taste of the fruit is as sweet as well-kept honey. Those who have not enjoyed the fruit before may find it hard to eat. But it is said that once they have tried it, they are likely to seek it again.
Style: fresh fruit
Grade : A
Color : Yellow
Appearance : soft flesh, strong smell, unique taste
Packing : 10kg / carton or as your requirement
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Fresh Durian fruit
Fresh Durian fruit
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