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CaCO3 filler masterbatch buy in Hà Nội   on Việt
Mua CaCO3 filler masterbatch
CaCO3 filler masterbatch

CaCO3 filler masterbatch

Mã số: VICO
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5697346.66 VND
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Việt Nam, Hà Nội
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  • Sản xuất tạiViệt Nam
  • Mầu sắcwhite
  • VICO245
Mô tả

CaCO3 filler masterbatch is based on Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). This product is manufactured in Vietnam by VICO Plastic Vietnam Co. , Ltd, widely used to reduce the production cost and improve the plastic product’s characters: improve the surface antifriction, heat stability, toughness, hardness, rigidity and increase specific gravity of products. In general, the recommended loading ratio is from 5~60% depending on technology, products or machines… etc Our CaCO3 filler masterbatch achieve low price thanks to economy of scale, abundant source of CaCO3 mining, low labour and production cost. The filler has excellent whiteness (>98% ) thanks to naturally whiteness of Vietnamese limestone. We use latest triple - srew extruder for best dispersion of materials. We source raw materials such as Virgins, wax, oil, CaCO3,. . . from the most notable chemical suppliers on the world namely Sabic, Lotte, . . . We have 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting to nearly 40 countries in the world, including difficult markets such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Europe, . . .

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CaCO3 filler masterbatch
CaCO3 filler masterbatch
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