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Vertical 5-axis machining center BYVER630

Vertical 5-axis machining center BYVER630

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Belarus, Gomel
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandСтанкоГомель, ОАО
  • Country of manufactureBelarus

BYVER630 has the following advantages over existing designs:

1. Ability finishing surfaces with complex profiles

2. layout solutions the machine departs from the conventional scheme with a vertically movable spindle head and a cross table to the circuit module to the movable triaxial headstock and integrated globusnym table. Thus, the dynamics of the three-axis movement of the spindle head of the machine detached from the mass of the workpiece and depends only on the mass of the tool.
3. The following options are available:
3.1. As the main drive can use the traditional a gearbox, a high speed or direct drive electrospindle electric motor-clutch spindle. Thus, the machine can perform both conventional cutting force on steel and cast iron with high-torque and high-speed processing of body parts from ferrous and non-ferrous metals highly resistant carbide tools.
3.2. To increase the flexibility of the machine can be equipped with a pallet and an automatic workpiece changer and is integrated as the cell in GPS.
4. Increased positional accuracy to ± 4mkm enables the machine complete processing cycle including finishing operations.
5. Enhanced rate fast (adjusting) movement of the movable machine components to 40 m / min and high-speed automatic tool changer apparatus reduces idle times workpiece.
6. Design the machine ergonomic solution can more fully meet the modern trends in the aesthetic appearance of the solutions of machining centers, improve struzhkouborku and eliminate the release of chips and coolant outside of the machine.
7. Application of advanced types of components and materials with improved technical-economical parameters reduces the power consumption of the machine.
Coolant system delivers lubricating and cooling liquid to the cutting zone of the pump capacity 30 liters / min Pressure 0,1MPa, carrying watering part and tool. Furthermore, coolant supply is provided via the high pressure pump 20 and 40atm spindle axis 16-30l / min.
Removal of the chips from the working area carried auger or belt struzhkotransporterom. Casting frame is organized in such a way that the chips and coolant themselves go in struzhkotransporter.
pulse lubrication system guides based grease Mobifleks EP2. Getting lubrication in the coolant is possible.
the machine control system is equipped with CNC Siemens Sinumerik 840 Dsl company that performs digital control of the five axes (X, Y, Z, A, B) and the spindle (S). TNC also controls the engine rotation store (T) from the position feedback. TNC NCU710.2 processor to the processor connected for remote PCU50 PROFIBUS- bus controller S7-300, which enables operation of the PLC of the machine. For operation of the complete drive group SinamicsS120 installed drive power supply module type 6SL313 power 55kW.
The machine spindle is mounted, which rotation is via an induction motor 1RN7137-2QF02-0BJ0 firm Siemensmoschnostyu 11 kW at a speed of 1500 rev / min.
To move along the axes Y (traverse) and Z (headstock spindle) used AC motors 1FT6086-1AN71-3DN1s brake and 27Nm rated torque, rotational speed 4500 rev / min. To move through the X axis (sled) is used alternating current motor and brake 1FT6084-1AN71-3DN1s nominal torque of 20 Nm, rotational speed 4500 rev / min. For rotation globusnogo section (axis B) applied torque motor 1FW6190-0VB07-2JC2s 1390Nm maximum torque and the maximum rotational speed 110ob / min. To carry out rolling globusnogo section (axis A) uses two synchronized electric brake 1FT6082-8AH71-4DH0s 13Nm and rated torque, rotational speed 4500 rev / min. For rotation of the magazine (T axis) used 1FK7060-5AF71-1DG0s engine torque and 6Nm speed of 3000 rev / min.

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Модель станка BYVER630
Предельные размеры, устанавливаемой заготовки, мм: диаметр х высота Ø720 х 530
Количество инструментов в инструментальном магазине 30
Время автоматической смены инструмента, с 6
Наибольшее перемещение рабочих органов станка, мм:
- перемещение саней (ось Х) 820
- перемещение траверсы (ось Y) 700
- перемещение шпиндельной бабки (ось Z) 600
- наклон стола (ось A) +120º/-120º
- поворот стола (ось С) 360º
Точность двухстороннего позиционирования А, мкм:
- по осям X,YZ ±4
- по оси А, угл.с 12
- по оси С, угл.с ±3
Количество управляемых осей координат 6
Количество одновременно управляемых осей координат 5+шпиндель
Максимальная частота вращения шпинделя, мин 8000
Пределы рабочих подач по осям X, Y, Z, мм/мин 1 - 20000
Пределы скоростей ускоренных (уст.) перемещений по осям X, Y, Z, мм/мин 50000
Наибольший крутящий момент на шпинделе, Н.м 280
Мощность привода главного движения, кВт 11
Суммарная мощность установленных на станке электродвигателей, кВт 86
Габаритные размеры станка (вместе с отдельно расположенными агрегатами и электрооборудованием), мм:
- длина 4970
- ширина 4430
- ширина для установки стружкотранспортера 6500
- высота 4100
Масса станка (вместе с отдельно расположенными агрегатами и электрооборудованием), кг 7750
Класс точности станка по ГОСТ 8 П
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Vertical 5-axis machining center BYVER630
Vertical 5-axis machining center BYVER630
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