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Exfoliated vermiculite is vermiculite produced by calcining concentrates of various fields in the vertical furnace at a temperature of 600C to 900C depending on the fraction. Due to its valuable sound insulation and fire retardant properties, vermiculite is widely used in construction. As world practice shows vermiculite is a simple, yet very effective material. It can be used quite successfully in low - rise and cottage construction as fireproof bulk insulation for thermal insulation of external walls (kolodtsevoy method of laying), attic floors, floors, and as an ingredient of "warm plaster. " It is also used in a number of specialized industries, such as in the manufacture of brake pads, or refrigerators.
The material is ecologically clean, does not contain asbestos, in case of fire does not release harmful substances biologically racks. Modern requirements to the quality of construction mortars and insulating materials dictate the need for a thorough separation of exfoliated vermiculite, so our company pays great attention to product separation.
Vermiculite produced based STATE, and have the following characteristics:
Apparent bulk density, kg / cu. m. . - 90 - 200 (depending on the fraction)
Thermal conductivity at 25 ° C, W / mK - 0,053 - 0,0698
Sound absorption at 1000 Hz - 0.7 - 0.8
melting temperature - 1350 ° C
Application temperature - - 260 to + 1250 ° C
Our company can offer the best value on the market due to very high production volumes:

1. vermiculite 100 (1 / 2mm) GOST - 4950r / m3
2. vermiculite 125 (1/1 mm) GOST - 4550r / m3
3. vermiculite 150 (1 / 1mm) GOST - 4350r / m3
4. vermiculite 200 (1 / 1mm) GOST - 4000r / m3
5 . Vermikulit expanded 200 + (cyclone dust) - 2300r / m3



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