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More than 500 devices across Ukraine and for export are sold.

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Velashape 10E more improved model also has 7 maniples.

V10E uses ELOS technologies and is combined with the Russian Federation and infrared light, blue and green which generate heat and kindle a fatty layer. Heat can get into skin on depth of 15 mm by the mechanical movement which gets much more deeply, than depth of other devices in the market now. Such combination of functions and a method of their use allows will get rid of fatty deposits much quicker and more productively. Besides skin rejuvenates, its turgor increases and it becomes tightened and young.

Velashape V10E LPG was recognized as the best product in the world on fight against obesity. It is unanimously recommended by the World medical organization. Is in great demand among many Hollywood stars.

1. Nozzle: "The murderer of a stomach" - combines at the same time cavitation , rf-lifting , BIO lifting and the laser . 4 modern methods of removal of a fatty layer in one maniple. Thanks to such combination, contours are modelled and skin rejuvenates, tightened.

Nozzle 2. Big scooter:

The big scooter is used for massage LPG on all body. Has the lifting Russian Federation function (it is possible to disconnect, regulate power)

Scooters move mechanically, have 4 schemes of the movement (inside, from within, clockwise, counterclockwise)

- Infrared light heats fabrics up to 2 mm in depth.

- Radio-frequency (RCh) heats fabrics from 5 to ~ 15 mm in depth.

- Vacuum + / - mechanisms of massage provide exact addressing of energy in fatty tissues. Mechanical massage provides a lymphatic drainage (skin and gipodermalny).

Nozzle 3. Average scooter:

It is used for processing of hands, a back, knees, a shin.

Nozzle 4. a scooter for the person: combines 3 functions: vacuum, cavitation and Russian Federation lifting

Nozzle 5. a scooter for work around eyes

Nozzle 6. 40 kHz of ultrasonic cavitation:

Ultrasonic cavitation is a modern and reliable method of fight against cellulitis and elimination of fatty deposits. Procedure allows to correct a figure and to destroy fat without diets and operations in a zone of lateral surfaces, a stomach, hips, buttocks, a shin, riding breeches, a back, hands. This method is absolutely painless and does not leave hems and scars.

Nozzle 7. Lipolazer (is more detailed here)

Lipolazer — the advanced development effective for removal of excess subcutaneous fat!
We offer you absolutely new way in fight against excess centimeters and formations of a desirable shape of a body, without surgical intervention and pain!

LPG massage is lipomassazh, that is the massage burning fats. The technique of carrying out procedure is based on impact on skin and hypodermic and fatty cellulose by the motorized scooters concluded in specially designed self-moving maniple. Scooters can rotate with various speeds, in various directions. At the expense of a lipoliz (combustion of fat) it is possible to reduce volumes of a body and to get rid of local fatty deposits in problem zones.

LPG is a lymphatic drainage effect : it deletes surplus of liquid from hypodermic fabrics, cleaning hypostases and swellings. Effective stimulation of connecting fabric which massage of LPG gives allows to reduce the volume of fatty cages, to restore circulation and exchange processes, to return to skin elasticity.

LPG massage is a type of anti-cellulite massage which result is swept really up! Today the endermologiya is one of modern methods which potential of opportunities is huge. The latest technique which was developed for effective decrease in excessive weight is also therapy of cellulitis without application of intervention of surgery.

Endermologiya LPG today unique technology which admits the leading surgeons and experts in the field of world-class plastic surgery. One more plus of such massage is that it can be excellent alternative of a liposuction at therapy on decrease in excessive weight, cellulitis.

Base of such massage is the volume razminaniye of a skin fold, raising it by means of vacuum aspiration of small volumes. At massage LPG procedure performance the patient feels comfortable and does not feel any pain.

French developed LPG massage still in 70-h-the 80th years with the purpose to facilitate work of massage therapists of the burn center. Prevention of formation of rigid and rough connecting fabric on places of burns was one of its applications, and also it was used in the preventive purposes.

Then the American plastic surgeons paid attention to it, but its application differed a little. The method was used for formation of ideal contours of a body after carrying out procedure of a liposkulptura or a liposuction. Thus, this method was strongly fixed in a number of surgical programs at correction of a figure.

With application of a method the general condition of patients after improvement of lines and reduction of volume of problem zones considerably improved: excellent education connecting tkannykh structures, restoration tactile and reduction of painful sensitivity happened much quicker, disappearance of feeling of discomfort was also observed, in the operated area smoothing of defects of a relief of skin was noted.


Reduction of thickness of a skin and fatty fold by 1-1,7 cm - at 100% of women;
Improvement of health after carrying out each procedure - 89%;
Consider LPG procedures promoting a relaxation - 96%;
Disappearance of muscular pain 6 times faster;
the Damaged muscle fibers are restored 3 times quicker;
Removal of hypostasis at morbidity of muscles because of strong loading accelerates by 3 times;
Durability of muscles is 5,44% higher;

How to make effect visible and to keep it?

  • Frequency of carrying out should not exceed 2 times a week (in the second half of a course 1 time is recommended).
  • The standard number of procedures for one course – 10-15, but exact number is defined individually.
  • To keep results, the supporting procedures 1-2 times a month are recommended.
  • For providing a gigiyenichnost, a privacy and efficiency during procedure the special suit, individual for each client is used.

The term of preservation of effect after the service LPG of a course – 6 months.

More than 500 devices across Ukraine and for export are sold.

+ the network of beauty shops across all Ukraine and abroad.


Country producer China
Additional characteristics
Entrance tension: AC220V, 50HZ/AC110V, 60HZ
Power consumption: 800W
Safety lock size: 2A/5A
Infrared waves of light: 700nm
Shaft speed: 30o/min
Vacuum pressure: 0-100(KPA)
Power: 100W
cavitation frequency: 40KHZ
1 Big scooter: 1 Big scooter:
Green light of wavelength: 560nm
Blue wave of light: 490nm
Radio-frequency: 20W
Range of frequencies: 5MHZ
2 Average scooter: 2 Average scooter:
3 A small scooter for the person: 3 A small scooter for the person:
4 A scooter for eyes: 4 A scooter for eyes:
5. 40 kHz of ultrasonic cavitation: 5. 40 kHz of ultrasonic cavitation:
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