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Marble powder (microcalcite) by chemistry represents chemical chalk CaCO3. Powder appearance: white color.

Marble powder is a raw material having crystalline texture; it is resistant to acidic media, less chemically active in comparison with chalk (though a chalk and marble are chemically identical), that opens ample opportunities for its use, as method of improvement of product quality and reduction of indirect expenses.

Currently, marble powder attracts consumers' attention to combination of such characteristics as:

  • High whiteness
  • Brightness
  • Good optical properties
  • Low oil absorption
  • Environmental resistance
  • Full absence of reactive impurities at low cost.

Marble powder is widely used in the various industries:

  • In paint and coatings industry:

Water- and solvent-borne paints and enamels; industrial paints, printing paints, brick-and-concrete paints, powder paints, primers, highway striping paints

  • In construction industry:

In the manufacture of dry pack mortars, putties, mastics, sealants, bonding agents, sealing compositions, etc.

  • In polymer industry:

In the manufacture of plastic panels, PVC pipes, cable, ledges, PP, PE granules, soles for footwear, artificial leather, window profiles, etc.

  • In ceramics industry
  • In the manufacture of electrodes
  • In the manufacture of fitted carpets
  • In the manufacture of animal feed stuffs and birdseeds
  • In the manufacture of detergents and household chemicals
  • In paper making industry (for paper pulp chalking and filling)
  • General mechanical rubber goods
  • In plastics industry:

It is recommended to use as filler the marble powder coated with organic acids, thereby a marble powder takes on hydrophobic properties establishing unlimited interrelation in the organic environment and it is easily dispersed in the hydrophobic systems, it has high chemical resistance. These advantages are attained only with 100% coating with oil-wetting agent

  • In oil and gas producing industry:

Marble powder used in the construction of oil and gas wells as weighting agent of fresh and salt drilling muds for obtaining a density value up to 1700 kg/m3, as well as preparation of lightened cementing slurries. Acid treatment increases its solubility up to 98%. Fractions from 0.7 to 10 micron: 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 2mm, and 5mm are used in the marble-based drilling mud. Our company produces other customized weighting agent fractions.

Marble powder is sedimentary stable, and does not precipitate even at low shearing stress. It provides high recovery rate of initial reservoir permeability following acidic treatment. It is used as sealing additive (bridging a borehole wall).

Injection of marble powder into the drilling mud causes formation of thin mixture of solids (colloidal particles) in the fluid. Separation of these phases (filtration) with formation of filter cake at the surface and reservoir pores slowing down or preventing further mud inflow occurs on the mud movement into the rock.

Use of marble powder weighting agent in the drilling muds promotes:

  • - Reduction of borehole wall permeability;
  • - Retention or enhancement of incompetence rocks cohesiveness;
  • - Reduction of rod friction;
  • - Retention of wall rock cohesiveness;
  • - Prevention of drilling equipment corrosion and abrasive wear;
  • - Retention of productive horizons permeability in their striping;
  • - Retention of drilling mud required characteristics in the process of well drilling;
  • - Improvement of hard rock drillability, borehole logging (in composition of cuttings);
  • - Retention of permafrost rock thermal conditions.

Marble Powder Physiochemical Parameters:

Name of Parameter


Moisture content, mass %


No.0071K sieving residue content according to GOST 6613-86, mass %


Density, kg/m3


5mm fraction content, mass %


Calcium carbonate content, CaCO3, %

> 97

HCl insoluble matter content, %

< 0,4

Moh's hardness


Water-soluble materials content, %

< 0,3

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Marble Powder
Marble Powder
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