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Buy Ultra High Performance Luxurious SUV Tyre EXHD921
Ultra High Performance Luxurious SUV Tyre EXHD921

Ultra High Performance Luxurious SUV Tyre EXHD921

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China, Tianjin
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Technical characteristics
  • UsedOff-road vehicles
185/55R14 80V
185/55R15 86V
195/45R15 78V
195/55R15 79V
185/50R16 81V
195/45R16 84V
205/50R16 91W
215/55R16 97V
215/65R16 102H
205/40R17 84W
205/50R17 93W
215/45R17 87W
215/50R17 95W
215/35R18 84W
225/40R18 92W
245/40R18 97W
225/45R18 95W
255/45R18 103W
235/35R19 91W
245/35R19 93W
225/30R20 85W
225/35R20 93W
245/35R20 95W
255/35R20 97Y
275/40R20 106W
275/45R20 110W
285/50R20 116W
245/30R22 92W
255/30R22 95W
265/35R22 102W
305/40R22 114W
255/30R24 97W
305/35R24 112W

SIZE INDEX Product No.
155/65R13 73T EXK10
155/70R13 75T EXK10
155/80R13 79T EXK10
165/65R13 77T EXK10
165/70R13 79T EXK10
165/80R13 83T EXK10
175/70R13 82T EXK10
185/70R13 86T EXK10
175/65R14 82H EXK10
175/70R14 84H EXK10
185/60R14 82H EXK10
185/65R14 86H EXK10
185/70R14 88H EXK10
195/60R14 86H EXK10
195/70R14 91H EXK10
205/70R14 95H EXK10
215/70R14 96H EXK10
175/65R15 84H EXK10
185/55R15 82V/82H EXK10
185/60R15 84H EXK10
185/65R15 88H EXK10
195/60R15 88H EXK10
195/65R15 91V/91H EXK10
205/60R15 91V/91H EXK10
205/65R15 94V/94H EXK10
205/70R15 96H EXK10
215/60R15 94H EXK10
215/65R15 96H EXK10
215/70R15 98H EXK10
225/70R15 100H EXK10
205/55R16 91V EXK10
205/60R16 92V/92H EXK10
215/55R16 93H EXK10
215/60R16 95V EXK10
215/65R16 98H EXK10
225/60R16 98H EXK10
235/60R16 100H EXK10
195/50R15 82V EXK70
195/55R15 85V EXK70
205/45ZR16 87WXL EXK70
205/50ZR16 91WXL EXK70
205/55ZR16 94W XL EXK70
215/55ZR16 97W XL EXK70
225/55ZR16 99WXL EXK70
205/40ZR17 84WXL EXK70
205/45ZR17 88WXL EXK70
205/50ZR17 93W EXK70
215/45ZR17 91W EXK70
215/50ZR17 95W XL EXK70
215/55ZR17 98W XL EXK70
225/45ZR17 94W XL EXK70
225/50ZR17 98W XL EXK70
225/55ZR17 101WXL EXK70
235/45ZR17 97W XL EXK70
235/55ZR17 103WXL EXK70
235/65ZR17 108H/108XL EXK70
245/65R17 107H EXK70
255/65R17 110H EXK70
265/65R17 112H EXK70
215/35ZR18 84WXL EXK70
225/40ZR18 92WXL EXK70
225/45ZR18 95WXL EXK70
235/40ZR18 95WXL EXK70
245/40ZR18 97WXL EXK70
245/45ZZR18 100WXL EXK70
255/55R18 109V EXK70
245/35ZR19 93WXL EXK70
225/35ZR20 90WXL EXK70
245/35ZR20 95WXL EXK70
185R14C 102/100R EXK60
195R14C 106/104R EXK60
195R15C 106/104R EXK60
195/70R15C 104/102R EXK60
99/96R EXK60
225/70R15C 112/110R EXK60
185/75R16C 104/102R EXK60
100/97R EXK60
195/65R16C 104/102R EXK60
99/96R EXK60
195/75R16C 107/105R EXK60
102/99R EXK60
205/65R16C 107/105T EXK60
101/98R EXK60
215/65R16C 109/107T EXK60
225/65R16C 112/110T EXK60
235/65R16C 115/113R EXK60
235/70R16 106H EXK88
245/70R16 107H EXK88
255/70R16 111H EXK88
265/70R16 112H EXK88
275/70R16 114H EXK88
225/60R17 99H EXK88
225/65R17 102H EXK88
235/60R17 102H EXK88
235/65R17 104H EXK88
245/65R17 107H EXK88
265/65R17 112H EXK88
265/70R17 115H EXK88
235/55R18 104H EXK88
235/60R18 107H EXK88
155/65R13 73T EXHD616
165/70R13 83T EXHD618
165/70R14 81T EXHD618
165/70R14 85H EXHD618
165R13LT-8PR 94/93S EXHD618
175/60R14 79H EXHD618
175/70R13 82T EXHD618
175/70R14 88S EXHD618
175/70R14LT6PR 95/93S EXHD618
175/80R14 92S EXHD618
175/80R14 88T EXHD618
185/50R16 81V EXHD921
185/55R14 80V EXHD921
185/55R15 86V EXHD921
185/60R14 82H EXHD618
185/65R14 86H EXHD606
185/65R15 88H EXHD606
185/70R13 86T EXHD618
185/80R14 95S EXHD618
195/45R15 78V EXHD921
195/45R16 84V EXHD921
195/50R15 82V EXHD606
195/55R15 85V EXHD668
195/55R15 85V EXHD606
195/55R15 89V EXHD921
195/60R14 86H EXHD618
195/60R15 88H EXHD668
195/60R15 88V EXHD606
195/65R15 91H EXHD668
205/40R17 84W EXHD921
205/50R16 91V EXHD921
205/50R17 93W EXHD921
205/55R16 91V EXHD606
205/55R16 91V EXHD668
205/60R15 91V EXHD606
205/65R15 94V EXHD606
205/65R15 94H EXHD668
205/65R16 95H EXHD668
215/35R18 84W EXHD921
215/45R17 87W EXHD921
215/50R17 95W EXHD921
215/55R16 97V EXHD921
215/55R17 94V EXHD668
215/60R16 99V EXHD606
215/60R16 99H EXHD668
215/65R15 96H EXHD606
215/65R16 102H EXHD921
215/65R16 98H EXHD668
225/30R20 85W EXHD921
225/35R20 90W EXHD921
225/35R20 93W EXHD921
225/40R18 92W EXHD921
225/45R17 91W EXHD919
225/45R18 95W EXHD921
225/60R16 98H EXHD606
225/65R17 102H EXHD668
235/35R19 91W EXHD921
235/40R18 91W EXHD919
235/40R18 95W EXHD919
245/30R22 92W EXHD921
245/35R19 93W EXHD921
245/35R20 95W EXHD921
245/40R18 97W EXHD921
255/30R22 95W EXHD921
255/35R20 97Y EXHD921
255/45R18 103W EXHD921
265/35R22 102W EXHD921
275/40R20 106W EXHD921
275/45R20 110W EXHD921
285/50R20 116W EXHD921
305/40R22 114W EXHD921
155R13LT-8PR 90/88S EXRD104
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Ultra High Performance Luxurious SUV Tyre EXHD921
Ultra High Performance Luxurious SUV Tyre EXHD921
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