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Tire titanic VT1-0

Tire titanic VT1-0

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Kazakhstan, Astana
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Titan technical VT1-0. State standard specification 19807-91 - the Standard establishes brands of the titan and the titanic deformable alloys intended for production of semi-finished products (sheets, tapes, a foil, strips, plates, bars, profiles, pipes, forgings and stamped preparations) by a deformation method, and also ingots. Quality and a type of delivery of an alloy of VT1-0 corresponds: Non-ferrous metals, including rare, and their alloys of B51 of GOST 19807-91, OST 1 90000-70, OST 1 90013-81, OST 4.021.009-92, TU 1715-012-07510017-99, TU 1-5-226-89, TU 1-83-39-79 Sheets and strips of B53 of GOST 22178-76, GOST 23755-79, OST 1 90218-76, OST 1 90145-74, OST 1 90024-94, OST 4.021.051-92, TU 1-5-093-77, TU 1-5-111-73, TU 1-5-362-84 Bars of B55 of GOST 26492-85, OST 1 90266-86, OST 1 90173-75, OST 1 90107-73, OST 1 90006-86, OST 4.021.025-92, OST 4.021.026-92, TU 1-5-063-85 Pipes steel and connecting parts of GOST 21945-76 B62 to them, GOST 22897-86 of the Pipe from non-ferrous metals and alloys of B64 GOST 24890-81, OST 1 90050-72, OST 1 90051-79, OST 1 90065-72, OST 1 90050-92, TU 1-5-092-91, TU 1-5-101-91, TU 1825-544-07510017-2004 Welding and cutting of metals. Soldering, klepka of B05 OST 95 10441-2002 High-quality and structural OST B52 steel 1 92039-75, OST pressure of 1 92051-76 Tape B54 OST 1 90027-71, TU 1-5-057-81 Processing of Metals. Forgings of B03 of ST of TsKBA 010-2004 Fittings and connections of the TsKBA ST G18 pipelines of 083-2010 V the chemical composition an alloy of VT1-0 contain chemical elements in %: Fe to 0,18 C to 0,07 Si to 0,1 N to 0,04 Ti of 98,61 - 99,7 O to 0,12 H to 0,01 Technical titan is well processed by pressure at 20-25 °C and the increased temperatures. From it produce all types of the pressed and rolled semi-finished product (sheets, pipes, a wire, forgings, etc.) . Forging is carried out at a temperature of 1000-750 °C, hot rolling - forging temperatures are 100 °C lower. Hot rolling receive sheets more than 6 mm thick, sheets of smaller thickness produce cold rolling or with heating to 650-700 °C. Temperature of pressing is 950-1000 °C. The titan well cooks argonodugovy and all types of contact welding. The welded seam possesses a good combination of durability and plasticity. Durability of a seam makes 90% of durability of the main metal. The titan is badly processed by cutting, sticks to the tool that results in its fast wear. Processing of the titan requires the tool from quick cutting steel and firm alloys, small speeds of cutting at big giving and depth of cutting, intensive cooling. A shortcoming of the titan is also low antifriktsionnost. Physical, technological and mechanical properties of an alloy VT1-0: Hardness of material: HB 10-1 = 131 - 163 MPas of Svarivayemost of material: without restrictions. Temperature of melting, °C: 1668 Application of an alloy of VT1-0 in the industry: for products with a high durability at the sufficient plasticity and viscosity, the high resistance to small plastic deformations, fragile and fatigue failure applied in mechanical engineering, instrument making and the tool industry for production of products of cryogenic equipment. To buy Sheena titanic VT1-0 legko:1. You send zayavku2. We expose to you schet3. You pay convenient for you sposobom4. You receive the goods the Most important that you need to know about the BVB-alliance company. • The delivered metal rolling constantly is available, and is stored "about 2000 tons" in a warehouse. • Own production of a professional flooring. • We offer a payment delay "about one month". • We do everything possible for minimization of terms of processing and delivery. • We carry out cutting of metal in the size and according to your drawings. • We provide service of responsible storage in the covered warehouse. • We offer the loyalty program allowing to receive discounts for purchase, processing or delivery of metal rolling. Advantages of work with nami:1. Goods available on sklade2. Official garantiya3. High quality tovarov4. Quick dostavka5. The program titanic VT1-0 you can specify the loyalnostiaktualny price of Shin at our manager. The final price of production is formed, proceeding from terms of delivery: quantity, terms of payment and place of shipment. Ask the manager. This price list has exclusively information character and under no circumstances is not the public offer determined by provisions of the p. 2 of Art. 437 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.

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Tire titanic VT1-0
Tire titanic VT1-0
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