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  • Country of manufactureUzbekistan
PRODUCT NAME - The walnut cleared
GRADE - a butterfly brown
QUALITY INDICATORS humidity - 7% dirtiness - 0,5%
PACKING gofrokorob five-layer net - 10 kg.

The use of a walnut contributes to normalization of gastric secretion, independently lowered it or on the contrary raised. By means of nuts it is possible to warn and even to cure atherosclerosis. Fruits of a walnut are capable to remove a strong nervous tension for what it is necessary to eat, on the advice of east doctors, on several kernels of a walnut in day. Walnuts are useful at iron deficiency anemia as they contain in their kernels: iron, copper, cobalt, zinc. Walnuts can be recommended at diabetes as are present at their structure manganese, the zinc possessing sakharosnizhayushchy action and, besides, nuts are poor in carbohydrates and are rich with various substances capable to detain liver obesity. Walnuts are very useful. Who eats walnuts, that does right thing. They are very much appreciated in the diet by yogis. In a kernel of a nut there are a lot of useful substances. In traditional medicine walnuts are long since used for removal of fatigue, restoration of forces. Still Avicenna recommended a pounded walnut with honey at the diseases which are followed by exhaustion. Rolling up to a palm of several walnuts is excellent means from nervous overexcitation. It is connected with the fact that the uncountable nervous terminations of finger-tips are directly connected with a brain. The rush of blood to hands as a result of similar manipulations favors to psychoemotional stability and physical health.
Vitamins A, B1, B2, E, PP, C, iron, cobalt, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iodine, phosphorus are a part of a walnut. The walnut should be used to people with the increased arterial pressure, at anemia. It promotes immunity strengthening, is very useful to elderly people, pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is recommended during recovering from the postponed diseases and operations. The peel of an unripe (green) walnut was used for treatment of skin diseases for a long time (eczema, deprive the herpes cutting). In the dried look the walnut keeps the qualities. Daily norm - 5 nuts. Fruits of a walnut of a vysokopitatelna and kaloriyna. Kernels contain to 77% of fats, proteins to 25%, carbohydrates to 15%, vitamins, mineral and other substances. Walnuts surpass many products of an animal and a phytogenesis in a chemical composition and power value. Oil of walnuts differs in the high content of linoleic and linolenovy fatty acids which provide the normal growth and development of an organism, normalizes elasticity of vessels, a cholesterol exchange, prevent development of atherosclerosis and obesity of a liver. From these acids fabric enzymes - prostaglandins which regulate pressure of blood and reduction of muscles are synthesized. Walnut caloric content by 7 times exceeds beef caloric content. Killogramm of kernels of walnuts replaces double day norm of white loaf plus a kilogram of beef. 65%, carbohydrates - 16% fall to the share of fat oil on average, and also contain in a nut vitamins A and B2, vitamins K, E.
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The walnut cleared
The walnut cleared
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