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The marble ground from the producer wholesale in Tashken buy in Tashkent
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The marble ground from the producer wholesale in Tashken

The marble ground from the producer wholesale in Tashken

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandZIXX
  • Country of manufactureUzbekistan
  • DesignДоставка DAP до границ Узбекистана
  • Type of stonesMarble

The description the Microcrushed marble (microcalcite)

The microcrushed marble (microcalcite) is the calcium carbonate powder received from high-pure white marble. Microcalcite, is widely used in the production technology of polymers, paints and varnishes, and also pharmaceutical, rubber, food branches.

Set of the listed properties of microcalcite, predetermine its use practically without restrictions in all scopes of application traditional for other types of carbonate fillers:

  • production of paints and varnishes of various types;
  • production of dry construction mixes and finishing materials;
  • production of plastic;
  • production of linoleum;
  • as ingredient of boring solutions;
  • production of abrasive cleaners;
  • in medicine;
  • in the food industry;
  • in the electrotechnical industry.

Interchangeability of microcalcite with cretaceous and calcareous fillers can be characterized as follows. Microcalcite is applicable in those areas where it is expedient from the point of view of requirements imposed to the final product.

So, high optical properties (such as a whiteness and refraction) considerably increase preference of microcalcite (mikroizlmechenny marble) in relation to other carbonate fillers in production of paint and varnish production. Low chemical activity predetermines prospects of use in those its types to which increased requirements on resistance to atmospheric actions and acidic environments are imposed. The high whiteness and dispersion of microcalcite allow to cut a consumption of TiO2 and pigments significantly. The increased hardness and durability cause its application in production of materials for a road marking and marking coverings.

Microcalcite can be used as an anticorrosive filler in epoxy, powder and alkidny coverings. Comparative tests of the coverings filled with calcite, barite and talc in the atmosphere of sulphurous anhydride showed that protective action in these conditions shows only microcalcite.

Microcalcite (the microcrushed marble), as well as other carbonate fillers, is rather badly dispersed in varnishes on organic solvents, in particular alkidny. For improvement of dispersancy carry out microcalcite processing by superficially active agents.

In production of dry construction mixes microcalcite has a number of noticeable advantages before other fillers, for example before chalk. Microcalcite has higher coefficient of reflection, small oil-absorption power, besides microcalcite is less hydrophilic and chemically active, than swept. The low index of refraction at a high whiteness allows to apply microcalcite in combinations with color pigments without deterioration in color tone.

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The marble ground from the producer wholesale in Tashken
The marble ground from the producer wholesale in Tashken
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