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The made foam polyethylene

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Technical characteristics
  • Brandсинтифон из вспененного полиэтилена
  • Country of manufactureUzbekistan

The made foam polyethylene

Excellent heat - insulating properties
Material has the smallest coefficient of heat conductivity among materials - substitutes, 0,035 W / mk at the density of 30 kg/m3. To understand how small amount of heat carries out IZOKOM it is possible to look at the provided comparative table of heat conductivity of various materials.
- Full protection against moisture and steam
The Zakrytoyacheisty structure of the material ISOCOM practically does not absorb water, perfectly approaches as waterproofing material. Even extremely thin layer of material has the water absorption which is not exceeding 2% that is comparable with a margin error the carried - out tests.
- Excellent sound insulation
Sound insulation from stukovy and some other noise in combination with low dynamic rigidity and small thickness give ISOCOM unique sound - proof properties.
- Ecological safety
By production ISOCOM freon is not used, the dangerous gas destroying an ozone layer in the atmosphere, material is made on the basis of high - quality polymeric raw materials, does not enter chemical reaction and therefore it is compatible to other construction materials, such as concrete, cement, wood, lime, plaster. It is steady against hostile environment (oil, gasoline, oil).
- Durability and preservation of performance data
Polymers from which ISOCOM is made do production resistant to rotting, in the environment with any microbiological structure, thus, ISOCOM does not lose the properties more than 90 years of operation!
- Technological effectiveness
ISOCOM is easily mounted. Installation requires a knife, the stapler, an aluminum adhesive tape and a roulette.

IZOKOM of 0,035 W / (m • J)
Steel of 46 W / (m • J)
Copper of 385 W / (m • J)
Concrete of 0,84 - 1,3 W / (m • J)
Brick of 0,63 - 0,84 W / (m • J)
Tree of 0,13 - 0,42 W / (m • J)
Ice of 2,3 W / (m • J)
Water of 0,60 W / (m • J)
Air at 20 °C 0,024 W / (m • J)
Glass wool of 0,041 W / (m * k)

PPI - P - The made foam polyethylene in rolls, from 0,5 to 10 mm thick. , thanks to the lowest indicator of heat conductivity among insulating materials, and also to exclusive properties shumo - , gidro - and vibration insulations, is the best material for warming of walls (under gypsum cardboard) and subroofing space, for laying on concrete coverings, for use as a substrate under a parquet, linoleum, floor plates, for thermal insulation of pipelines of systems of water supply, ventilation, conditioning. Extremely practical as packing for equipment, furniture, ware and so forth.

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The made foam polyethylene
The made foam polyethylene
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