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Rosin — solid, fragile, vitreous transparent pitch light yellow (is more rare dark red) colors, the component of resinous substances of coniferous trees remaining after an otgonka from resinous substances of turpentine.

Rosin is well dissolved on air, alcohol, acetone, turpentine and benzene, it is worse — in gasoline, kerosene and furfural; it is not dissolved in water. Temperature of a softening of rosin of 52-70 °C; temperature of boiling 250 °; thermal capacity 0, 54 kcal/kg; heat conductivity 0, 11 kcal/m of hour hail; hidden warmth of melting 15, 8 kcal/kg; coefficient of expansion of the melted rosin 0, 055; heating capacity of 9074-9171 kcal/kg; acid number 150-175.

Rosin — one of the most important products of forest chemical industry, is applied, for example, to paper gluing, at production of soap, varnishes, sealing wax, linoleum, putties, ointments, plasters, sticky substances, isolation of electric cables, lubricant oils, plastic, fungicides, when soldering, etc.

In the industry the rosin received from resinous substances of a pine is generally applied; also receive rosin from resinous substances of other coniferous breeds, for example, of a fir-tree ordinary, a cedar and the Siberian larch, the Crimean pine and others.

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