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Red dried paprika

Red dried paprika

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Quality of a product has to conform to requirements of TU 64-17363965-02:2003 and the following standards:
Product code: TM - 57
Appearance in the form of plates
The consistence Loose, fragile, is allowed easy elasticity.
Taste and smell Peculiar to a dried paprika, without foreign smells and smacks.
The Bright red color with a cherry shade. It is allowed pieces brown, green, orange and yellow to 1
The form and the sizes of the Plate and small pieces which are evenly cut tolshchenny no more than 1,5 mm, length and 6*6 mm and 10*10 mm wide.
Seeds 0,5
Mass fraction of moisture, %, no more than 8,0
Regidration (swelling capacity) 4,5-5,5/1
Razvarivaniye 17
Mass fraction of the plates roasted with black spots and the remains of a fruit stem, %, no more than 3,0
Mass fraction of metalimpurity (particles no more than 0,3 mm in the greatest linear measurement), %, no more than 3х10-4
KMAFANM, WHICH, no more than 5х105
BGKP (koliforma), in 0,01 g. Are not allowed.
Pathogenic microorganisms, including salmonellas, in 25 g. Are not allowed.
Mold, WHICH, no more than 5,0х102
Packing In polypropylene bags, inside in polyethylene tsellofana.
Period of storage of 12 months
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Red dried paprika
Red dried paprika
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