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Belarus, Ozercy
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Technical characteristics
  • ManufacturerТолочинский консервный завод, РУП
  • Country of manufactureBelarus
  • Processing of productsFresh
  • Type of productsFood
  • ColorGolden
  • Starch contentдо 12,1-16,4%
  • Yieldдо 60,0 tn/ha
  • SpeciesБриз
  • Ripening periodMedium early

This type of potato was included in the State Register of the Republic of Belarus in 2006.

Included in the State Register of the Russian Federation in 2009.

Patent of the Republic of Belarus No. 99 dated March 22, 2005

Patent of the Russian Federation No. 4213 dated January 31, 2006

  • Early maturity: medium early.
  • Household purpose: dining room.
  • Productivity: up to 60.0 t / ha.
  • Starch content: 12.1 - 16.4% .
  • Consumer qualities: good taste; culinary type B; it is suitable for frozen vegetable mixtures and preparation of french fries liquefied with food additives.
  • Disease resistance: resistant to potato cancer, viruses; moderately resistant to scab and late blight of leaves and tubers.
  • Morphological characteristics: tubers are oval, large; the peel is yellow, smooth; small eyes; the pulp is yellow; the flowers are red - violet.

Features of the variety:

- suitable for growing on light and medium - sized soils;

- early tuberization and rapid accumulation of yield in the first half of the growing season;

- responds to an increase in the background of mineral nutrition;

- recommended planting density when growing

  • for food purposes 40 - 50 thousand tubers / ha on sod - podzolic loamy soils and 48 - 55 thousand tubers / ha on sod - podzolic sandy loam soils,
  • on seed plots - 62 - 68 thousand tubers / ha;

- keeping quality is good;

- long dormant period of tubers.

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