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Peanut from Uzbekistan - the most valuable environmentally friendly product.

The peanut is a plant from family bean, among oil - bearing crops. For this reason the greatest part of its harvest passes processing on oil which is applied in the most various spheres subsequently: first of all, it is eaten, goes for production grain and confectionery, fish canned food, margarine, it is applied in pharmacology, soap manufacture (as a rule, the lowest grades of a peanut are used). The peanut butter received by cold pressing has almost no color and smell, but has gentle and pleasant taste, it is practically not worse than some olive oil. The cake which remained after pressing also does not go to waste - it is a magnificent forage for a bird and cattle, in particular young people, the having proteinaceous structure of high concentration. The tops of vegetable of a peanut and the hay made of it are also a remarkable nutritious forage for cattle. Nothing sells for nothing, even shutters of nuts is the fine material which is used at production of laying in poultry farming, in construction, in production of packing, and also being the structure capable effectively to improve structure of the soil. Has broad application and protein of the nut of a peanut - do some kind of fertilizer for the soil enriching with its nitrogen of it, do vegetable wool of excellent quality of it, use it in production of many products, for example, of glue and plastic. But the most important application of a peanut is its use in food, these nuts are very tasty also kaloriyna.

As you can see, the range of application of a peanut is rather wide therefore it is absolutely no wonder that this nut is very popular around the world, and demand for import of a peanut exists always, not all countries are able to afford its production that is caused by the different reasons: climatic and economic. The peanut is quite available product in respect of the cost therefore for a number of the countries quite accepted there is its import.

In Uzbekistan there are most favorable conditions for cultivation of a peanut. It both the most suitable climate, and necessary level of humidity. Besides, these nuts love the sun and hot climate. In the presence of all necessary conditions, remarkable nuts, vitamin - rich and minerals, proteins and fats grow that does nuts of Uzbekistan completely conforming to the international quality standards. The peanut is very rich with antioxidants that does it by excellent means for prevention of many diseases, first of all, cardiovascular and oncological. Besides the peanut extremely well influences coagulability of blood. And not to list all its useful properties, will be to tell enough that the peanut is irreplaceable at treatment of a number of diseases, thanks to the structure unique vitamin mineral.

In Uzbekistan there are many suitable acreage for cultivation of a peanut. By the way, after wheat cleans up, on the same field quite successfully it is possible vyrashchivatyarakhis, as fertility of the soil will raise, and the economy will provide with the food, and the cattle hungry will not leave. Early ripe grades of a peanut therefore now in Uzbekistan active works on increase in acreage of such grades are conducted suit for these purposes more.

Cultivation of a peanut is very perspective direction for a farm, export of these nuts is capable to bring in very notable income. Uzbekistanavoobshche's nuts are very much appreciated in the foreign markets, thanks to the excellent quality and ecological purity, nuts in Uzbekistan, as well as other cultures, grown up in the natural way, without use of chemicals.

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Peanut in shell
Peanut in shell
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