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Milking Fir-tree hall Delaval HB30

Milking Fir-tree hall Delaval HB30

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandDeLaval
  • Country of manufactureSweden

Milking "Fir-tree" hall for small and average farms.

Main advantages

  • From 1x3/3 to 2x16/32
  • Function of a usual exit
  • The indexed chest emphasis (by the additional order)
  • Distance between centers stalls of 1150
  • The main parts are galvanized

Comfortable situation - comfortable milking

Getting stalls like "Fir-tree" 30 ° the DeLaval companies, you make investments in improvement of placement of cows and suspended parts, and also in the most advanced technology which guarantees long service life. This milking hall is specially designed for improvement of productivity and efficiency that will help you to achieve the high income.

It is intended for removal of a stress and fatigue

Removal of a stress and fatigue in the course of milking has huge value. For this reason milking "Fir-tree" 30 halls ° the DeLaval companies are equipped with a chest emphasis thanks to which cows are closer to a milking hole. The smooth and smooth edge of a milking hole allows the milkman to be closer to an udder, and also provides the most effective provision of suspended part.

We care for milkmen

The milking "fir-tree" 30 hall ° the DeLaval companies is equipped with service "hand" which levels a dairy tube and suspended part with the udder height of a cow, improving thereby working conditions of the milkman. Regulating height of service "hand", the milkman tries to obtain the best provision of milking for each cow. It in turn reduces danger of sliding of a collector and helps to provide uniform and uninterrupted milking. Besides, suspended stalls with the shifted back emphasis ensure the maximum safety of the milkman.

Special attention to movement of cows

Entrance gate in stalls like "Fir-tree" 30 ° the DeLaval companies have a strong design and cope vacuum. It allows to provide uniform motion of cows. Gate can be operated from any milking place simple pressing of the button. Broad passes allow cows to move easily, and the last cow accurately goes to the necessary stall at the time of closing of entrance gate. The corner of output gate of the milking "Fir-tree" 30 hall ° the DeLaval companies allows cows to enter and leave stalls quickly. On the way of the first cow at an exit from the milking hall there are no hindrances therefore she quickly leaves the stall at the expense of what time of change of one group of cows for another is minimized.

Chest emphasis for the maximum convenience

Milking "Fir-tree" 30 halls ° the DeLaval companies are equipped with a highly reliable adjustable chest emphasis for the maximum convenience of cows. The chest emphasis conveniently settles down at the level of a breast of a cow and smoothly presses it to a back emphasis. At the expense of it the udder falls into an optimum state for milking. You can also equip a chest emphasis with system of indexation that will help you to adjust quickly position of a cow for her correct placement in a milking hole. When indexing the chest emphasis does not put any pressure upon sensitive zones of a cow. When milking small cows such improved provision of milking is really invaluable.

When convenience is combined with profit

It is known that ergonomic milking creates comfortable conditions on a farm. It is also known that achievement of high efficiency and productivity requires the reliable, well designed equipment. Milking "Fir-tree" 30 halls ° are intended to the DeLaval company for achievement of high efficiency of all production - simple access and the full review, convenient placement of suspended part and the smooth, fast movement of cows.


Standard equipment:
- The milking "Fir-tree" 30 hall of the DeLaval company consists of independent modules that provides flexibility of a configuration.
- Suspended frame of the milking hall: one column at each end of a back emphasis, reliable wall brackets and adjustable arches allow to use platforms with a different width.
- Basic frames of the milking hall: one column at every second cow - for simple and easy installation.
- A set of options of a back and chest emphasis with various level of automation.
- The fringing of a milking hole from stainless or galvanized steel, is fixed by bolts or cemented.
- The choice of systems for management of gate: manual, vacuum or from compressed air.
- The choice of control units of automation of milking according to your requirements.


- Placement in the milking hall of feeding troughs.
- The entrance and output gate operated by vacuum.
- A back emphasis with a protective guard from splashes.
- Indexing on a chest emphasis.
- Adjustable floor of DeLaval.
- System of milking Lowline or Midiline TM
- Full range of options of automation of milking of DeLaval
- Control system of herd of cattle of ALPRO®.


- Sizes of the milking hall: 1x2 - 2x16
- Distance between centers stalls: 1150 mm
- Hole width at the level of a floor: 2300 mm
- Hole width at the level of top: 2000 mm
- Hole depth: 850 mm (1100 mm with an adjustable floor of DeLaval)
- Hole length: quantity of stalls x 1150 mm + 2100 mm
- A platform for cows: 1450 (±50)

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Milking Fir-tree hall Delaval HB30
Milking Fir-tree hall Delaval HB30
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