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Technical characteristics
  • Disinfecting agentChlorine


Lime chloride represents mix of dibasic salt of calcium hypochlorite, oxychloride, chloride and lime hydrate.
Lime chloride is applied to decontamination, whitening, disinfecting of drinking water and disinfection.

Safety requirements
Lime chloride not of goryuch, but, being strong oxidizer, at contact with organic products can cause their fire.
Chlorine which is emitted from lime chloride belongs to substances of the 2nd class of danger.

Lime chloride is packed into plastic bags; in packages of razvesy 0,5 - 2,0 kg from polyethylene film or from vinyl film, or from the bag paper laminated by polyethylene; in the plastic bags enclosed in bags from chlorine fabric; in the steelpans with a capacity no more than 100 dm3 painted inside and outside by chemically resistant paint or in the uncolored drums from carbon steel supplied with inserts from polyethylene film.
Lime chloride for long - term storage is packed into the steelpans painted inside and outside or into the plastic bags enclosed in bags from chlorine fabric.

Transportation, storage
Lime chloride is transported all means of transport (except air) in the covered vehicles. The product packed into plastic bags is transported only car sendings by rail or the motor transport.
The lime chloride packed into plastic bags has to be sustained in packaging in warehouse of manufacturer during 72 h on pallets. At the same time bags stack on pallets up to 1 m high with width of stack up to 2 m, pass between stacks - not less than 0,5 m.
Lime chloride is stored in not heated, darkened and well aired rooms closed warehouse. Floors have to be from asphalt, brick or concrete. Lime chloride in bags is stored in stacks up to 2,5 m high and up to 1,2 m wide, in drums, boxes and barrels - vertically, height to five tiers with perestily of boards between tiers or horizontally up to 4 m high. Between stacks leave pass not less than 1 m wide.
Storage in one room with lime chloride of explosive substances, flammable loads and cylinders with compressed gases is not allowed.

Warranty period of storage of product
product of brand A of the 1st and 2nd grades - 3 years from the date of production,
product of brand A of the 3rd grade and brand B - 1 year from the date of production.
Physical and chemical indicators the Name of indicator Norma for brand and grade
1 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
1. Appearance Powder of white color or slabookrashenny, with availability of lumps
2. Mass fraction of active chlorine, % , not less * 28 25 20 35 32 27
3. Heat stability coefficient, not less than 0.90 0.90 0.80 0.75 0.70 0.60

* decrease in mass fraction of active chlorine in lime chloride of brand A of the 1st and 2nd grades within three years for 8% , brands A of the 3rd grade and brand B within one year - for 10% Is allowed.

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Lime chloride
Lime chloride
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