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Heat-insulating filling of VERMIDEK S

Heat-insulating filling of VERMIDEK S

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In economic activity exclusively heat-insulating filling of VERMIDEK S is applied
Make heat-insulating products, sound-absorbing materials, including in aircraft and automotive industry, light concrete, decorative plaster solutions. Besides, VERMIDEK S apply as a filler at production of wall-paper, rubbers, plastic, paints, toxic chemicals, in production of antifrictional materials. Adsorbent of gaseous and liquid industrial wastes. In nuclear power it is applied as a reflector of gamma radiations and an absorber of radiation of radioactive isotopes of chemical elements, for example, of strontium-90, caesium-137, cobalt-58.
VERMIDEK S has high coefficient of water absorption 400-530 (100 g of vermiculite absorb 400-530 ml of water). It easily absorbs moisture and also easily gives it to a plant, creating optimum damp environment for food of roots. Therefore in agriculture structure of VERMIDEK S improve structure of soils, even call it "agronomical" rock. Widely apply in a hydroponics.
It is used as a part of fireproof coverings and also as a thermoinsulating filler of fire-resistant doors, a filler of heat and sound insulating construction mixes.
It is biologically resistant: it is not subject to decomposition and rotting under the influence of microorganisms, is not the favorable environment for insects and rodents. It is chemically inert: it is neutral to effect of alkalis and acids.
application temperature — from -260 °C to +1200 °C;
rn 6,8-7,0 (neutral — alkalescent);
content of magnesium — 10-14%,
potassium — 3-5%,
calcium — 1,2-2%,
manganese — 0,8-1%,
gland — 5,6-6,5%,
silicon — 34-36%.
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Heat-insulating filling of VERMIDEK S
Heat-insulating filling of VERMIDEK S
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