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  • BrandEcoFruit
  • Country of manufactureUzbekistan
  • Weight20 kg
  • Kind of FruitPear
The pear - one of the most tasty and most useful delicacies, it has the invigorating and refreshing effect, improves mood. Dried pears do not contain sugar syrup, but possess estastvenny natural sweet, at the same time the caloric content of dried pears does not correspond to its nutritiousness - 249 kilocalories on 100 grams. Useful properties of fresh pears remain also for dried. In the course of drying of a pear do not lose useful properties and vitamins, naturally, provided that process of drying is observed and temperature is moderate.

In ancient times a pear in different options primenyalyas in traditional medicine as medicine - broth from pears was recommended if the patient has an increased temperature. The pear and as means for fast healing of wounds was appreciated among ancient doctors. For possession of low power value modern society considers a pear first of all as a dietary product, and therefore recommends its presence at various diets.

Content of vitamins and minerals

Pears contain a large amount of sugars, organic to acids, enzymes, cellulose and pectinaceous substances. It is a lot of vitamins of groups C, B1, P, PP, carotene (pro - vitamin A), and the content of the folic acid important for children, pregnant women, for those who need blood formation, in pears even above than at blackcurrant. At the same time pears vosprnimatsya usually by more sweet on taste than apples, at the same time sugar contains in them less. Dried pears may contain up to 24% of water and to 36% of sugar. Many grades of pears are rich with minerals, including iodine. Pears contain about 10% of carbohydrates (to 10 gr. carbohydrates on 100 gr. fruits). Most of all the pear is appreciated availability of nutritious fibers (to 2,3 grams on 100 grams of fruits).

Useful properties

The stronger and more pleasantly began to smell pears, the more its advantage. The pear is applied as the fixing, diuretic, dezinfetsiruyushchey, zharoponizhayushchey and protivokashlevy means. Juicy, ripe and sweet pears very promote digestion of food. At pancreas diseases the dried pear is applied as medicine. If to make compote or broth, this drink from a dried pear, at the expense of rich a soderzhiniya in it is mute the tannins having the knitting effect, it will be useful at disorders of intestines. The same broth possesses antibacterial properties thanks to what it is recommended pr treatment of cold and quinsy. A large amount of potassium in pears is very useful at cardiovascular diseases. Usefulness of dried pears is noted also removal from a human body of heavy metals and toxins.


You should not wash down dried pears with milk as in certain cases it can be followed by laxative effect. Nevertheless the pear in combination to fermented milk product, for example cottage cheese, does not cause any negative reactions in an organism. Well and at last, the most important rule which fans of dried fruits should remember - moderation.

How to choose a dried pear

The main thing governed at the choice of any sukhofrukt subjected to drying, - it is not necessary to choose the brightest and attractive shades of fruits, usually this evidence of application of chemical preparations which can be applied with the purpose to improve appearance of goods.

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Dried pears
Dried pears
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