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Technical characteristics
  • BrandEco Stream
  • Country of manufactureUzbekistan

Cooling systems, ventilation and conditioning of "EcoStream"

Coolers of air of vaporizing type for ventilation and conditioning of production and household rooms

- application is effective in conditions when as a result of technological processes a large amount of heat is allocated;

- multifunctionality (forced ventilation, cooling, cleaning, air moistening).

- ecologically safe coolers of air using usual water as coolant;

- low electricity consumption when cooling large volumes of stitched air;

- carrying out assembly the robot, a slip and maintenance does not demand involvement of third-party experts;

- depending on local conditions different options of installation of coolers, through the prepared wall apertures and further air supply on air ducts, or directly through a roof with distribution of air via the diffuser are possible;

Necessary equipment:


Air coolers

Air dehumidifiers

The EcoStream trademark is an official partner in Uzbekistan selling coolers of air of vaporizing type. Coolers of air is an environmentally friendly equipment for cooling, ventilation, conditioning and purification of air of industrial and public buildings, open summer areas, household rooms, up to 50 000 m ².

Considering constant problems with increase in prices for energy carriers, our offers are directed to use of the equipment which allows to reduce significantly consumption of energy resources on production sites.

Energy saving equipment "EcoStream":

Coolers of air of the vaporizing EcoStream type, are manufactured in Uzbekistan (Tashkent), such system can be the most effective option of creation of comfort indoors, growth of labor productivity working especially in conditions:

- where a significant amount of heat, such as, in metallurgical industry in foundry, forming shops, baking production is allocated;

- where low humidity is a problem as it takes place in rooms where the equipment of control, electronic engineers and the textile enterprises settles down;

- where air pollution reaches dangerous levels for health working, such as, in chemical industry, paint and varnish production, release of plastic products.

Coolers of air of the EcoStream trademark are powerful systems of ventilation with all elements of conditioning. Ventilation, cooling, moistening and purification of air — all in one device. In coolers there is neither compressor, nor heat exchangers, nor coolant. Performance of function of cooling is provided with water evaporation. In models of coolers of the vaporizing EcoStream type air, passing through the filters moisturized with water it is cleared and cooled. Cooling of air in a combination with heating and ventilation allows to consolidate together various characteristics of systems of ventilation and air conditioning that allows to use effectively it for various industrial rooms.

Advantages of the released equipment "EcoStream":

- the made equipment is at the same time intended for cooling, ventilation, moistening and purification of air;

- the equipment is used to industrial, public, residential buildings and rooms, and also open summer areas and constructions;

- the equipment capable to create the necessary climate on the area from 70 m ² to 50 thousand m ².

- cools air on 10 - 15ºС lower than ambient temperature;

- powerful, environmentally friendly, multipurpose, modern systems of ventilation and conditioning;

- low electricity consumption: is 5 - 10 times lower, than at traditional air conditioning systems;

- vaporizing coolers of "EcoStream" provide continuous inflow of fresh air;

- a possibility of connection to the installed air conditioning systems and ventilation;

- low noise level - is absent the compressor;

- a possibility of local use, by means of rigid or flexible air ducts;

- simplicity in operation - special knowledge and skills are not required;

- the model range is presented by plants: mobile and stationary;

- industrial vaporizing coolers of EcoStream air, are presented by models: with the lower, side and top air supply;

- only the supply of flowing water and 220 - 380 V.' power supply, depending on air cooler model is necessary for operation of the equipment;

- air coolers of the vaporizing EcoStream type are equipped with powerful axial fans which rotate by means of the electric motor drive;

- the hot air attracted by the fan, passes through filters and is cooled in the natural way - as a result of transfer of heat to water;

Our decisions are based on the high level of technical support of the offered energy saving equipment, and also systems of ventilation and a kondichionirovaniye. The technical service of the company provides warranty and post warranty repair up to standard. One of indicators of such approach is full ensuring repair and equipment maintenance.

Energy saving systems of ventilation and conditioning of "EcoStream".

Vaporizing coolers of EcoStream air


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Coolers of production rooms
Coolers of production rooms
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