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Avtobetonosmesitel DAVINO Delta 4 with self-loading buy in Tashkent
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Avtobetonosmesitel DAVINO Delta 4 with self-loading

Avtobetonosmesitel DAVINO Delta 4 with self-loading

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandDELTA4
  • Country of manufactureItaly
  • Number of axles2 pcs.
  • Car suspensionActive suspension
  • Max speed70 km/h

The unique concept of DELTA4 - load inert materials and unload ready concrete on 360 °.
Designers of DAVINO, during creation of DELTA4, made use of all experience in construction of avtobetonosmesitel accumulated since 1975 with self-loading.
Two joysticks of management in a cabin of the operator, the circular review on 360 °, a dump for inert materials, system of weighing in a ladle and in the mixer, a tank for water on 1 thousand liters, a tank for input of chemical additives, the increased body weight to 9200 kg for work on a difficult relief, winter execution and at last adaptation to service conditions in Russia.

Detailed characteristics

  • M3 concrete 4,5 exit
  • The direction of loading/unloading which is continuously rotating on 360 °
  • 4 driving and turned wheels
  • Loading by means of the jointed ladle
  • The cabin of the operator is attached to a drum and rotates continuously on 360 °


  • Perkins 1104D-44TA
  • Diesel 4 moves 4 cylinders
  • Turbo Aftercooled
  • Mechanical control of direct injection
  • The maximum power is 83 kW (113 h.p.) of 2200 rpm
  • The moment of max. 418 Nm in 1.400 rpm
  • Water cooling
  • Air dry filter
  • Compliance to norms of USA EPA Tier 3/EU STAGE IIIA


  • Integrated 4x4
  • 4 speeds forward / back (2 mechanical + 2 hydraulic)
  • The maximum speed is 32 km/h
  • The maximum overcome rise at full load 40%
  • Hydrostatic transmission of Automotive with the pump double a deytviya
  • Electrohydraulic management for switching of hydraulic speeds "bystry", "slow", a backing
  • The mechanical transmission with electrohydraulic management for switching of "working" speed and speed of "movement"
  • INH pedal


  • Both leading and rotary with epitsikloidny reducers on naves of wheels
  • Forward fluctuating in the range of ±6 °
  • Back fixed with a flange reducer


  • Multidisk hydraulic working brakes in an oil bathtub, affect both bridges, food with the double operated pump
  • The multidisk hydraulic emergency brakes in an oil bathtub operating on the back bridge with hydraulic management and automatic inclusion with the negative cylinder
  • The emergency brakes which are built in foot brakes


  • Steering hydrostatic management is supplied with the independent pump
  • Four wheel drive operating by means of two coupled cylinders
  • The hydraulic lever which is on the driver's console for switching from the forward 2-wheeled drive to the 4-wheeled opposite directed drive or the 4-wheeled parallel drive (so-called "crab")
  • Internal radius of turn of wheels of 2.000 mm
  • External radius of turn of wheels of 4.300 mm.


  • The electrowelded frame from steel of high resistance
  • The chassis is installed on the roller bearing the motor reducer rotating continuously on 360 ° with the help
  • Hydraulic management for raising of a drum
  • Capacious funnel
  • Unloading tray with the hydraulic inclination put in action by the hydraulic cylinder of double action operated both from a cabin of the operator and from the earth and also with the hydraulic turn put in action by the hydraulic cylinder of double action operated from a cabin


  • Two-spiral bladed drum with a convex bottom
  • "double cone"
  • The hatch for emergency unloading and visual check
  • The drum turns by means of hydrostatic transmission with the pump of variable volume and the orbital motor with a reducer with electrohydraulic management in a cabin and from the earth
  • Hydraulic raising of a drum for the accelerated vygruz of concrete
  • The geometrical volume of a drum is 5.800 l
  • Concrete exit for 1 batch of 4,5 m3
  • Speed of rotation of the drum is 23 rpm
  • Continuous turn of a drum on 360 °

Loading ladle

  • Ladle with system of self-alignment
  • 2 hydraulic cylinders of double action for raising of a ladle and 1 cylinder of double action for a ladle response
  • Ladle lock with electrohydraulic management
  • Edge for a section of bags
  • Spaciousness of a ladle about 600 liters

Cabin of the operator

  • The closed cabin attached to a drum continuously turns on 360 °, guaranteeing optimum visibility both in the mode of the movement, and during all production phases (loading/unloading)
  • Protective designs of ROPS (against capsizing) and FOPS (against falling of objects)
  • Complete set:
    • anatomic seat with elastic landing and various adjustments
    • seat belts
    • 2 armrests with the built-in multipurpose joysticks
    • the electric janitor on a windshield
    • system of heating of a cabin for work as winter
    • LCD monitor of the camera of external control
    • adjustable steering column from thermal ABS plastic with readily available and simple electronic disley-devices in management

Hydraulic system

  • With the rotating electrohydraulic distributor
  • The hydraulic operated distributor in 4 elements
  • The hydraulic electrooperated distributor in 6 elements
  • The Porshnevy pump in 50@1.000' l/min for rotation of the drum
  • The sextuple pump in 26@1.000' l/min for general use
  • The sextuple pump in 20@1.000' l/min for steering
  • the filter of hydrostatic system 10 μm - the filter of hydraulic system 40 μm
  • aluminum exchanger with electroventilation

System of water supply

  • The counter for water with electronic control, the volumetric pump of bystry absorption put in action by means of the hydraulic cursor operated both from a cabin and from the earth
  • Capacity is 500 l/min
  • Pressure of max. 2,2 bar
  • The back tank for water on 375 liters
  • 2 additional side tanks for water with a total amount of 635 liters
  • 2 distributors of water in 3 directions and the crane connected to a washing hose
  • Bystry connection and detachment of the soaking-up hose

Electrical wiring

  • Akumlyator of 12 V - 110 Ah (acceleration performance 900 A)
  • Starter of 12 V - 3 kW
  • Generator of alternating current 12 V - 95 A

Management from the earth

  • Existence from the earth of the counter of water and mechanisms for control of the water pump, turn of a drum, raising/lowering of an unloading tray and emergency stop


  • Diesel fuel (tank capacity) of 120 l
  • Hydraulic oil (tank capacity) of 100 l
  • Engine 9,5l oil
  • Cooling liquid for the engine of 7,0 l


  • 18-19,5 - 16 PR


  • 2.500x6.845x3.270 mm (A ladle on the earth)


  • At the movement of 9.200 kg

Additional equipment

  • Loading ladle with system of stirring inert and self-alignments.
  • Fronatlny dump or the device for movement on ZhD to rails
  • Pressure sensors in a ladle and strain gages of system of weighing on the mixer
  • The weighing system with the printer
  • Tank for chemical additives 
  • Conditioner
  • Built-in sink of high pressure
  • The device for automatic lubricant
  • Back video camera
  • The distance control system to surrounding objects
  • Working headlights
  • The extender for an unloading tray
  • Alternative environmentally friendly power plants and electric motors, available in the near future
  • Guarantee 1 year or 1000 engine hours


  • Loading lobby
    Volume of the mixer, l 5 800
    Exit of the condensed concrete for a cycle, l 4 500
    Turn of the mixer 360 ° together with a cabin and a ladle it is continuous
    The volume of the ladle loading l 600
    Engine 4th cylinder diesel of Euro 3, liquid cooling.
    Engine capacity of kW/h.p. 83/113 pri2200ob/mines
    Transmission 2 hydrotransfers and 2 mechanical
    Movement speed 24km/h
    Tires 18-19,5 16 PR
    Transmission hydrostatic
    Wheel formula 4х4
    Tanks for water, l 1000
    Drive of a mixing drum hydraulic
    Electrical system B,110 A/h accumulator 12.
    Weight of the car, kg 9200

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Avtobetonosmesitel DAVINO Delta 4 with self-loading
Avtobetonosmesitel DAVINO Delta 4 with self-loading
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