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Automatic steam sterilizer of ASIII-O06

Automatic steam sterilizer of ASIII-O06

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Automatic steam sterilizer of ASIII - O06, of 429 l, the producer - "SAKURA SEIKU", Japan. General information:
- This system carries out sterilization of the different medical devices and accessories to the equipment demanding sterilization, saturated steam.

- In essence, this system can carry out all 5 processes: "preparation, pumping out, sterilization, drying and end" automatically as 1 cycle.

- The user of this system can choose from 3 types of previously established cycles.

- This system has the program control controlled by a microcomputer, the guaranteed sterilization, the display and functions of record and printout.

- Operations of opening, closing of a door and a clip in this system are made manually.

- This system satisfies the standards and functions established in the relevant legislation and rules.

Technical characteristics:
1. Capacity
A) Effective sizes of capacity
AIIIS - O06 (Sh) 500´ (B) 500 ´() of 650 mm

B) Structure
Double walls of rectangular type of Tselnoizgotovlennaya structure 

C) Quality of materials
Internal drum: SUS304L (JIS G4305)
Edges, plate of a door and 
smooth surface: SUS304L (JIS G4305)
External drum: SM400C (JIS G3106)
The strengthening materials SM400C and SS400 
(JIS G3106 and G3101)

D) Durability
The maximal working pressure is 2.4 kg/cm2

E) Thermal isolation
The outside surface of capacity is covered with fiber glass heat - insulating material (24 kg/m3).

F) Legislation and rules
This system has to conform to the standards of the 1st category established in Rules on safety of the Ministry of Health and has to have the corresponding certificates with the seals.

2. System of a clip of a door
A) Clip method
Central hatch (door handle), system of bolts of beam (circular) type
System of a double bolt by means of a frictional clip which has the structure providing closing of a door in 2 stages installation of beam bolts and a clip of a door are carried out by very easily simple turn of the handle of a door.

B) External characteristics 
The surface of a door is covered with a corrosion - proof steel plate for protection of the mechanism of a clip of a door.

C) Method of opening/closing of a door
Method of opening/closing of a door of rotary type.

D) Safety control 
The system has the safety control with the mechanism of the lock of solenoidal type by means of which it is impossible to open a door when there is any danger, for example, when pressure in the camera positive or in working hours of system.

3. Control
A) Control method
The main control section shows the program, time rest, record of operation, etc. by means of a microcomputer (control of sequence). High - precision electronic sensors are built also in system in such a way that the operations necessary for monitoring system and monitoring of measuring devices can be carried out on the front panel of system.

B) Program
3 types of algorithms of operations can be chosen by means of the program switch.
(1) Program of linen
The program of sterilization and drying of high level for linen and other accessories which are stored in steam sterilizers and for which there is no need for careful airing.
(2) Program for tools
The high - speed program of sterilization for the sterilized tools which have strong permeability of air, such as nippers.
(3) Program for the choice 
The algorithm of the program (1) is built in this program, but time of sterilization and time of drying can be determined at will.

C) Conclusion method
Temperature and time are brought to 4 - digit digital ZhK displays.

D) Function of operational memory
Results to 10 previous operations can be caused by AIII memory and are confirmed with the digital display. (This function cannot be caused when the printer is connected to system)

4. Main processes
A) Preparation process
For safety of measurements, the system is supplied with the blocking mechanism for prevention of an insufficient clip of a door and emergence of problems in the course of sterilization and malfunction also are brought to the display.
The system also has the "time reserve" function and installation of "reserve" can be carried out within 0 - 99 hours 59 minutes.

B) Pumping out process 
The vacuum pump of system uses the High Pulse - matic system which provides either pumping out or supply of steam.

C) Sterilization process
Sterilization temperature is fixed on 132C. Time of sterilization can be previously determined.

D) Drying process
The program of drying includes vacuum drying and the mixed drying functions. Time of drying can be previously determined.

E) End
This function guarantees completion of sterilization.

5. Vacuum pump
This system uses the water 2 - staged vacuum pump of Elmo - type.

6. Control panel
All switches, indicator bulbs and measuring devices necessary for carrying out all operations are concentrated in the module of the control panel which is upper front part of system.

7. Air filter
The air filter is used for filtering of the air given to the sterilizing camera in time and after drying process.

8. Storage methods
The system uses 2 layers of the mesh shelves made of corrosion - proof steel plates (SUS304) for storage of the sterilized objects. Each layer of the shelf has removable structure for easy loading and unloading of the sterilized objects.
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Automatic steam sterilizer of ASIII-O06
Automatic steam sterilizer of ASIII-O06
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