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Aluminum primary A5, A7, A8 brands Chushka Spi – ТD Arsenal-Ukraine, OOO |
Buy Aluminum primary A5, A7, A8 brands Chushka Spi
Aluminum primary A5, A7, A8 brands Chushka Spi

Aluminum primary A5, A7, A8 brands Chushka Spi

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LLC TD Arsenal Ukraine - the leading operator in the market of metallurgical raw materials. We sell aluminum at wholesale prices from constant existence in a warehouse.

The aluminum corresponding to the A5, A7, A8 brand (Chushka Spit).

For production of a wire and a foil, for receiving alloys. It is used in various areas of the equipment and life.
It is widely applied as constructional material. The main advantages of aluminum in this quality — ease, a pliability to stamping, corrosion resistance (on air aluminum instantly becomes covered by a strong film of Al2O3 which interferes with its further oxidation), high heat conductivity, not virulence of its connections. In particular, these properties made aluminum extremely popular by production of kitchen ware, aluminum foil in the food industry and for packing. The first three properties made aluminum the main raw materials in the aviation and aerospace industry (slowly vytesnyaetsyakompozitny materials, first of all, carbon fiber recently).
The main lack of aluminum as constructional material — the small durability therefore for hardening it is usually alloyed with a small amount of copper and magnesium (alloy is called duralumin).
Conductivity of aluminum is only 1, 7 times less, than at copper, at the same time aluminum is about 4 times cheaper for kilogram, but, for the account by 3, 3 times of smaller density, obtaining its equal resistance requires approximately twice less on weight. Therefore it is widely applied in electrical equipment to production of wires, their shielding and even in microelectronics at production of conductors in chips. Smaller conductivity of aluminum (37 ом−1) in comparison with copper (63 ом−1) is compensated by increase in section of aluminum conductors. A lack of aluminum as electrotechnical material is existence of the strong oxidic film complicating the soldering and at the expense of bigger resistance causing the increased heating in places of electric connections — that, in turn, has an adverse effect on reliability of contact and a condition of isolation. Therefore, in particular, the 7th edition of Regulations for electrical installation accepted in 2002 forbids to use aluminum conductors with a section less than 16 mm ².
Thanks to a complex of properties it is widespread in the thermal equipment.
Aluminum and its alloys keep durability at ultralow temperatures. Thanks to it it is widely used in the cryogenic equipment.
The high coefficient of reflection in combination with low cost and ease of a dusting does aluminum by ideal material for production of mirrors.
In production of construction materials as gas - forming agent.
Alitizing give corrosion and an okalinostoykost to steel and other alloys, for example, to valves of piston DVS, shovels of turbines, oil platforms, the heatexchange equipment, and also replace galvanizing.
Sulfide of aluminum is used for production of hydrogen sulfide.
There are researches on development of foamy aluminum as especially strong and light material.
Use as a reducer.
As a component of a termite, mixes for an alyumotermiya.
In pyrotechnics.
Aluminum is applied to restoration of rare metals from their oxides or halogenides.
It is limited it is applied as a protector at anode protection.


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Production available on skladeooo "TD" Arsenal Ukraine "Dnieper, Ukraine

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Aluminum primary A5, A7, A8 brands Chushka Spi
Aluminum primary A5, A7, A8 brands Chushka Spi
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