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Air screw compressor of the OSC 25 series buy in Tashkent
Buy Air screw compressor of the OSC 25 series
Air screw compressor of the OSC 25 series

Air screw compressor of the OSC 25 series

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Uzbekistan, Tashkent
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureTurkey
  • ConfigurationStationary
  • Productivityот 3,2 l/min

Technical specification on compressor station
* compressors are made according to the European standards. Production is certified on ISO 9001.
* compact execution, allows installation in small rooms.
* compressors are delivered in full readiness for installation and start, are equipped with all necessary cooling, control and actuation devices.
* the vibroisolated, moisture-proof bearing frame for installation without the special bases
* the compressor vibroizolirovan from the bearing frame
* sound isolation with the block of purification of the soaked-up air and control of the cooling air for very low level of a sound.
* the electric switchboard (type of protection of IP 54) is integrated into a sound-absorbing casing for simple access to electric components.
* the Main motor - three-phase, asynchronous. Class of isolation of IP 54.
* the absorption Regulator with the filter for the safe, completely unloaded start and effective and economic work.
* the Compressor with injection of oil provides high working reliability
* the vertical tank of an oil separator with a big surface for optimum pre-separation.
* an oil drainage via the spherical crane.
* the External separator of oil for quality providing output air with the low content of oil.
* oil and SzhV are cooled on the big closed radiators for the low temperature of output SzhV. Radiators are easily cleared.
* the Fan with the independent drive.
* a microprocessor control system with the highlighted graphic LCD display for simple management and work.
* automatic choice of the most economy mode of work.
* conclusion to the screen of all working parameters, etc. necessary and additional information.
* reliable self-defense with the early prevention and diagnostics of mistakes for high working reliability and availability.
* system of display and safety with function of switching off at excess of admissible temperature of compression, at malfunctions of the motor or emergency pressure of system.
* the control system allows to increase energy efficiency of the compressor.
* display remaining before service (replacements air and oil filters, oil separators) time.
* programmable restart after falling of the feeding tension.
* protection of the electric motor and screw block against start in the return the direction.
* protection against incorrect data input, monitoring defects of cables.

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Air screw compressor of the OSC 25 series
Air screw compressor of the OSC 25 series
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