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Buy Urea - Urea fertilizer grade "B" (nitrogen)
Urea - Urea fertilizer grade "B" (nitrogen)

Urea - Urea fertilizer grade "B" (nitrogen)

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Russia, Tver
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandПрилированный
  • Country of manufactureTurkmenistan
  • Карбамид марки В46,2%

Dear Clients!

Final price ( of FCA in Mary, Turkmenistan)  for the products formed the basis of the terms of delivery:  stock quotes, volume and terms of payment, the place of shipment and the exchange fee in the amount of 0.4% of the contract value, the customs duty of 0.5% of the contract value, certification payment 0.5%of the contract value. Make a request to purchase the product, specify the actual cost and terms of purchase, you can call +7 (916) 4165879.  

Payment terms:  100 LC%  ( the ICC 500/600 the ICC / the DLC),  the SWIFT MT 799 / MT 760 BG / PBG / LC Opening  the DLC / SBLC  ( the ICC 500 / the ICC 600 ), in some cases 100% Prepayment !!! 

Urea grade B GOST 2081-2010 - the most concentrated nitrogen fertilizer. It provides nitrogen plant for a long time. Completely water-soluble. Suitable for irrigation systems.



Especially effective in rice and melons. Can be used for foliar application. Produced from pure synthetic material.

 Packaging, transportation and storage:

Is sold in bulk in p / wagons with inserts in big bags of 1000 kg., And in sacks of 50 kg., Available shipping inserts wagon is transported by rail, road and water transport. Store in a dry room


 Number Norm

1.      Product: Urea grade "B"  46.2% 

2.      Type: Prilirovanny

3.      Origin: Turkmenistan in Mary (Mary nitrogen)

4.      Packing: polypropylene bag 50kg

5.      Quantity: 36,000 MT

6.      Appearance:       White granules

7.      Total nitrogen in terms of dry matter, at least:        46,2%

8.     Mass fraction biuret, not more than               1%

9.      Water content not more hygroscopic: 0.3% total:        0.6%

10.    The granulometry of mass fraction of granules:

                                                                                              less than 1 mm, not more than 3%

                                                                                           from 2 to 4 mm, not less than 70%

                                                                from 1 to 4 mm, at least 94% less than 6 mm 100%

11.    The static strength of granules:       0.7 kgf / pellet

12.    Friability, not less than                 100%


Widespread use of the substance due to a number of the following aspects:

the highest among similar fertilizer nitrogen content - up to 46%. This figure is three times the nitrogen content of sodium nitrate and 2.25 times - in ammonium sulphate; prolonged period of decomposition in the soil, which gives the effect of prolonged action on the plants;


The urea, which you can buy from us is effective when fertilizing almost all cultures for agricultural purposes - cereals, sunflower, grain maize, vegetable crops, fruit and small fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. In addition to improving productivity, fertilizer perfectly protects plants from diseases, and is an excellent tool used to control pests.

 Please send us an offer on the mail-E:  or call back to my phone number: 79164165879.

We wait for your applications.

With respect,

Alexey Akulov


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Urea - Urea fertilizer grade "B" (nitrogen)
Urea - Urea fertilizer grade "B" (nitrogen)
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