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Universal cultivator for continuous tillage of the "BPK-T" series – Dias Agro, OOO |
Buy Universal cultivator for continuous tillage of the "BPK-T" series
Universal cultivator for continuous tillage of the "BPK-T" series

Universal cultivator for continuous tillage of the "BPK-T" series

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Russia, Krasnogvardeyskoye
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Products: Cultivator heavy universal for continuous tillage of the "BPK - T" series 3.1 m - transport width of the frame  buy price from the manufacturer in Russia, Krasnodar


  • Designed for continuous pre - sowing soil cultivation, leveling plowing, working in pairs, as well as for loosening stubble.
  • Thanks to its design, it is a versatile tool that can perform a wide variety of jobs, while always obtaining excellent results with high productivity. The four - row arrangement of spring S - shaped struts with a height of 520 mm made it possible to reduce clogging of the implement when working in fields with a large amount of plant residues. The optimal combination of stiffness and spring properties of the rack, with a section of 65x12 mm, allows the 230 mm wide duckfoot to remain in the desired plane, relative to the processing surface, to carry out high - quality loosening of the soil and trimming weeds. The increased number of support wheels allows maintaining a stable working depth on loose soils during spring cultivation. The following harrow ensures an even distribution of plant residues over the entire working width and provides additional combing of the cut weeds. Spiral slatted rollers with an optimal spiral winding angle provide additional crumbling and leveling of the treated soil.
Model Number of working bodies Capture width Traction power of the tractor Weight Performance
PM - 6.5 T 43 pcs 6.5 m 180 ÷ 210 l / s 5500 kg 7.8 ha / hour
PM - 8.5 T 57 pc 8.5 m 240 ÷ 290 l / s 6900 kg 10.2 ha / hour
PM - 10 T 65 pcs 10.0 m 270 ÷ 320 l / s 7200 kg 12.0 ha / hour

Continuous cultivator

Before the start of the main tillage, it is important to obtain seedlings of weeds and volunteers and their mechanical or chemical (herbicides) destruction. For this purpose, the creation of a temporary seedbed is most effective, which provokes a quick and complete germination. At the same time, the most ecological is the destruction of weeds by the use of surface cultivation.

In some crop rotation systems, compacted soil layers are often found after individual crops that require intensive crop management, which limit the creation of an optimal water - air regime for subsequent crops. To create an optimal structure in soil cultivation technology and, accordingly, in tillage tools and aggregates, it is necessary to provide for the decompaction of these compacted layers.

The final operation of the soil preparation technology for sowing is the creation of a seedbed for the sown crop. The first and mandatory requirement for the surface sowing layer (4–6 cm) consists of soil fractions 1–2 cm in size in the surface layer of 2–3 cm and the remaining layer up to 4–6 cm from soil fractions of 0.5–1 cm. Such treatment prevents the surface from crusting, the capillary activity is disturbed, which prevents the evaporation of soil moisture. When preparing the soil according to these requirements, tillage implements must be planned so that the number of passes through the field of machine - tractor units is as small as possible.

Continuous cultivator, stubble cultivator in Krasnodar

  • The regulation of the movement of soil moisture and the provision of the root system with moisture, air and nutrients was carried out quite effectively by both domestic and foreign scientists - soil scientists. The importance of optimizing soil moisture in growing crops is summarized in the UN information publication on food and agriculture.
  • All issues of infiltration and seepage of rainwater, loss of soil water from evaporation, growth rates of the root system and others are considered. Particular attention is paid in this generalization to soil erosion and deflation, the occurrence of droughts, signs of an impending drought based on a number of observations. Of all the issues, soil cultivation should be singled out as measures for preserving soil fertility by methods of its rational cultivation.
  • Mechanical means for loosening the surface layers of the soil, limiting the development of the root system, mainly formed at a depth of 5–8 cm, are easily removed by rippers, while compaction below the subsurface depth can be eliminated with paraplows or subsoilers. Seals that arise at great depths as a result of multiple passes of heavy machine and tractor units, combines, vehicles loaded with grain can be loosened with especially strong subsoilers up to 60–70 cm. In some cases, in order to reduce the required power, vibratory work is used. The structure of the soil prepared for sowing whose organs.

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Universal cultivator for continuous tillage of the "BPK-T" series
Universal cultivator for continuous tillage of the "BPK-T" series
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