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Ultrasonic otpugivatel of dogs

Ultrasonic otpugivatel of dogs

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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You can see the video with use of this otpugivatel to the address:

Otpugivatel can be necessary for children, women, passersby, athletes-runners, cyclists, summer residents, mushroom pickers, mail carriers, hunters, dog breeders, and also all other persons who feel need to have a modern security measure from aggressive dogs.

The ultrasonic otpugivatel of dogs is a humane way to drive away unfriendly adjusted dog from you, your child or from your pet.

Otpugivatel of dogs you can also apply when training dogs to fixing of the FAUGH teams, it is IMPOSSIBLE (according to Pavlov - at team by voice or gesture you include an otpugivatel for fixing of steady reflexes at an animal).

At threat of attack of a dog, direct the device to an animal, and having pressed the button, slightly change the direction of radiation to find the most effective sector of influence. The sound does not do harm to mentality of a dog.

Do not direct the device to organs of hearing of the person at a short distance since the ultrasound can make impact which consequences will be "ring" in ears, a headache etc.

Do not use the device against indifferently going or peacefully lying dog - you can cause her ambiguous reaction.

Otpugivatel of dogs - the device of the directed action, its effective range within direct visibility no more than 5 meters.

Its action is based on the radiation of very loud sound in that range which is not heard by people, but is well perceived by many animals including dogs. To a dog it becomes uncomfortable, and she prefers to leave.

The main difference of the device - the tiny sizes. It is unconditional, advantage as an otpugivatel it is necessary to carry with itself all the time.

Technical characteristics:

The sizes of a priboradlin of 78 mm - diameter are 22 mm

Device weight without battery - 22 gr.

Device weight with the battery - 30 gr.

Sure area of coverage - no more than 5 meters

Food - the battery of 12 V x 1 piece (type 23A - alcaline)

Frequency of the radiated signal - 25 KHz

Power of radiation is 110 DB on rasst. 1 m

Service life not less than 10 years

Guarantee certificates:

Warranty period of operation of 12 months from the date of sale.

Faulty devices are not subject to repair and exchange in the place of purchase.

The goods are on sale wholesale and retail. Delivery across ALL Ukraine is possible!!

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Ultrasonic otpugivatel of dogs
Ultrasonic otpugivatel of dogs
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