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Ultrasonic Doublo HIFU system

Ultrasonic Doublo HIFU system

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The newest ultrasonic technology of lifting of soft facial tissues at the level of SMAS, without operation.

The ultrasonic Doublo system generates the high-intensity focused ultrasound for thermal impact on different levels terms and superficial myshechno - an aponevrotichesky layer, in abbreviated form - SMAS, under visual control of the monitor.

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) used in "Doublo" is the second generation of the technologies based on use of the high-focused ultrasonic radiation for rejuvenation of skin and formation of face contours. Indications to application: Omission of eyebrows and ptoz upper eyelid; Vybukhaniye of hypodermic fatty cellulose in the field of a lower eyelid; Reduction of periorbitalny wrinkles; Loss of clearness of a face form, contour of the lower jaw; Flabbiness and otvisany skin under a chin and in a neck; Deepening of nosogubny folds, omission of corners of lips; Prevention of age changes of face skin and neck;

Features of technology: A possibility of chrezkozhny fractional coagulation terms and myshechno - an aponevrotichesky layer - SMAS, without violation of integrity of skin and damage of surrounding fabrics; Two modes - diagnostic and medical the optimal solution for receiving qualitative result, without risk of damage of the fabrics surrounding a medical zone; Visual diagnostics on the display of a medical zone and exact, controlled by the operator, delivery of the focused ultrasonic radiation to the area of influence. Constant visual control of a zone of influence during procedure on the display of the monitor; Three types of ultrasonic sensors allow to regulate depth of influence of impulses according to testimonies of the doctor; Skin of the patient does not demand cooling and anesthesia. Unlike surgical SMAS - lifting, there are no scars and anesthesia is not required; Single procedure with the effect increasing within 2-3 months; Resistant within 2 - 3 years, the expressed effect; Lack of the rehabilitation period; The Big resource of the device thanks to the durable sensor - the converter. The display with high resolution. Two monitoring systems: top - the image monitoring system; lower - a control and management system for ultrasound; Easy and convenient manipulator; The Compact and easy device, is convenient in transportation and movement; The Additional mobile support on which the device can be placed for operation and storages (option);
2 years of a guarantee - confirmation of reliability of equipment.

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Ultrasonic Doublo HIFU system
Ultrasonic Doublo HIFU system
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