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Buy TW- J2mechanical Double-cylinder Thermoplastic Kneader
TW- J2mechanical Double-cylinder Thermoplastic Kneader

TW- J2mechanical Double-cylinder Thermoplastic Kneader

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Traditional mechanic thermoplastic kneader mixes melting materials in mechanic manner at slow rotate speed, it uses beads overload wheels, the clutch may break down easily, and the newly-loaded dry materials cannot be melted quickly. The hydraulic thermoplastic kneader rotates at higher speed, but at higher price and construction cost.

TW-J2 Mechanical Double-cylinder thermoplastic kneader in new design, can rotate at the speed of 50r/min, melt materials more quickly with higher performance-price ratio. TW-J2 Mechanical double cylinder thermoplastic kneader with our latest adjustable overloading clutch solves the most common problems of overloading protection in traditional mechanic kneaders and reduces the rate of failure occurrence.

Technical parameters

1.Outer dimensions (LxWxH): 1620x1200x1450mm

2.Total weight of machine: 730KG

3.Diesel engine power:5KW (7HP)

4.Coating material tank capacity:: 600KG

5.Stirring speed:30~50r/min

6.Stirring method:Four helical blades can rotate leftwards and rightwards to move the coating up and down.

7.Temperature of heated coating material:0~300

8.Engine start method:Electrical(12V),anual


It can be customized according to clients' requirements, such as the customization of materials (steel plate, stainless plate), overall dimension, capacity of kneader cylinder, and designated installation mode of diesel engine.


1.higher rotate speed

Rotate speed increased from the traditional ones of 30r/min to 50 r/min, close to that of hydraulic thermoplastic kneader.

2.incline clutch teeth, make the clutch break away automatically once the handle positioning button is pressed or in the case of unexpected overloading. It avoids the reducer axis breakage and failure of breaking away because of overloading.

3.accurate positioning button clutch enables easily adjusting of the overloading pressure of clutch spring and the overloading moment.

4.special thermoplastic kneader for underground parking lots

TW- J2mechanical Double-cylinder Thermoplastic Kneader with the height of 1.35m, can enter underground parking lots where the traditional ones cannot enter. Each cylinder capacity is 250kg, can melt 9-11bags of coating material. Usually at the underground parking lot, the thermoplastic kneader is placed outside the parking lot, only marking machine can enter underground, but now our new machine with suitable height can enter underground parking lots.

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TW- J2mechanical Double-cylinder Thermoplastic Kneader
TW- J2mechanical Double-cylinder Thermoplastic Kneader
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