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Türkiye, Kastamonu
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The word "Tela" means that it is a piece of starched cloth thatis put between the lining and the cloth.There are a lot of kinds of tela and they are used at different places of the clothes in accordancewith their kinds.The bristle tela which is very necessary for jacket,is used on the shoulder,chest and skirt of the jacket. However it doesn't appear as much as cloth, it plays the major role in determining the quality of the clothes.The tela isn't sticky and it is produced with cotton rope and goat bristle rope.With the help of bristle rope,the tela never loses its pecularity and because of this it provides the necessary support,volume and resistance, so your jacket can keep their moulds for a long time.While washing and cleaning the tela is newer deformed and this can be possible only by chosing the right kind of tela if you choose the you will use according to the cloth's thinness,thickness,colour and kind,your clothes can keep their pecularity for along time.

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