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 T072 type quick coupling

T072 type quick coupling

Kod: T 072
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Türkiye, Kocaali
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 T072 type quick coupling


Tekno - met company started Quick Coupling production in 2003. Tekno - Met company, that has been in the market with the production of quick couplings for many years, has an important place in the machining sector, by means of the importance it has given to quality and its determination to succeed since its establishment.

Tekno - Met has increased its production diversity in 2016, and by establishing its own production facility with indoor area of 5000 m2 in 2021, it continues its commercial activities by continuously improving and rapidly increasing its production with an innovative and engineering solution focus, by adding products of different standards produced in the world in the quick couplings sector to its portfolio.

Our company, which exports quick couplings to nearly thirty different countries with the brand of tekno - met, works in harmony with all the brands used in the world and works smoothly. Tekno - met company continues to grow and develop with the mission of modern technology in production, common sense in solution, customer satisfaction in sales, as on the first day.

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T072 type quick coupling
 T072 type quick coupling
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