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Pneumatic control valves PN16

Pneumatic control valves PN16

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Pneumatic control valves PN16
Convalve series pneumatic control valves are designed for the control of liquids, gases, and steam from size DN15 (1/2") up to DN300 (12"). Larger sizes are optionaly available. Globe valves are a traditional solution for most of the industrial applications thanks to its long-term seat tightness, robust construction, and a wide variety of construction materials. They are preferred mostly for regulation duty due to their proper flow characteristics for purpose. Typical control applications include regulation of temperature, pressure, flowrate and level, besides many more applications found around wherever industrial automations is involved. Produced in Turkey under ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance System, convalve series pneumatic control valves are used in almost all process industries like chemical and petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, metallurgical mills, paper mills, food and pharmaceutical industries, water treatment, as well as in machinery automation like textile, food and packaging.
  • 2-way or 3-way design
  • Wide selection of construction materials
  • EN pressure dasses of PN15, PN25 and PN40 or ANSI pressure classes of ANS1150 and ANSI 300. Additional models are available for higher pressure classes.
  • Flanged, threaded or welded connections
  • Leakage Class IV, V or VI
  • Materials and test certificates to international standards
  • Process temperature range between -30....+400'C. Consult for different ranges
  • Ambient temperature range between -30....+60*C
  • Diaphragm type pneumatic actuators from 80 cm* up to 3000 cm3, and piston type pneumatic actuators from diameter 50 mm up to 125 mm
  • Standard design is normally closed, air to open or normally open, air to close
  • Choice of analog or digital positioners
  • IP66 to IP68 protection, ex-proof models
  • Trouble-free operation by integration of integration of industrial air filter-regulators
  • Optional manual override
  • Optional position switches, air solenoids, lock-up valves, boosters, and other auxiliary accessories

Maximum working temperature for each pressure class and the relavant maximum working pressure values are shown in "Working Conditions" tables according to EN and ASME standards. Cast iron (GG-25) and ductile iron (GGG40 or GGG-50) valves are suitable for mostly used industrial fluids like water, condensed water, steam and air. Cast steel (GS-C25 or WCB) bodied valves, however, are more appropriate for heavier working conditions where pressure shocks, high vibration or sudden temperature changes may occur. Stainless steel (AISI304.316, 316L, 316Ti) valves and thermoplastic (PP, PVC. and alike) valves as well as fluoropolimer (PFA, PTFE) valves are preferred for aggressive or corrosive chemical fluids or for corrosive environment. Special exotic alloys are also available for more specific applications. One should consider the strongest possible working conditions while selecting a valve.
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Pneumatic control valves PN16
Pneumatic control valves PN16
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