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NOVAE Caogulometer

NOVAE Caogulometer

17000 TRY
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  • 16000 TRY/adet  - itibaren 2 adet
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Türkiye, Ankara
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  • MarkaTOKRA
  • Üretici ülkeTürkiye

Simple Solutions for Greater Expectations

Combining its know-how and experience in Coagulation, Tokra proudly introduces Novae, a medium troughput, fully automated Haemostasis Analyzer, built to meet the requirements of laboratories with reliability and quality in mind.

Ease of Use
• 5 independent racks with a capacity of 50 samples allow anytime, anywhere Stat loading and continuous run via non-stop sample loading.
• With a high walkaway capacity, just load and go. Novae performs all tests, and controls including automatic re-runs without user intervention.

• 29 vial positions in different sizes on the reagent block give the option to use various sized reagent vials and also accommodates continuous running with multiple vials of any reagent.
• Sample racks can be modified for loading multiple sample tubes such as pediatric or micro tubes.
• Easily customized test groups and procedures.

• Quality Control menu with Levey-Jennings graphics and Westgard rules
• Onboard reagent block cooling fixed at 15C⁰ contributes to longer reagent stability
• Sensitive probe and incubation heaters improve the result accuracy.

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NOVAE Caogulometer
NOVAE Caogulometer
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