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Türkiye, Şanlıurfa
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İntroduction about our trademark

The way of thinking " İf our world become water problems in future. Take the water from the earth ground to the earth surface will be an indispensable position for the human being" has encouraged us in year 1995 in Şanlıurfa a province of turkey to work in this direction.

We was a small Company, we research, we produce submersible pumps, we work to make it better and finally we accomplished, so that you read our succses story. Not to manifacture, higher quality production deliver a real success. We think so and we move so.

Our company take the first place in it her sector in turkey. İn this terms we can say that the products that we produce are more qualified and economicly. This make our product more attractive.

What we produce?

We produce submersible pumps engines which consist of cast iron and stainless steel materials; 6" - 7" - 8" - 9" (inch) diameters. Which are based on NEMA standarts.

Our motor groups

İn 6" diameter, between 5,5 HP and 60 HP
İn 7" diameter, between 30 HP and 75 HP
İn 8" diameter, between 40 HP and 150 HP
İn 10" diameter between 110 HP and 300 HP

Consist of various kind of power.

Our pump groups

Our immersion pumps include all typs of pumps groups to become the intended efficiency and performance by drink water as well as by agriculture irrigation. Our pump groups are available as: Norly fan pumps, cast iron pumps, stainless steel pumps and a new product stainless steel cast iron pumps.

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