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Satın al Copper wire
Copper wire

Copper wire

Toptan satış:
  • 72076.88 TRY/kg  - itibaren 1000 kg
Minimum sipariş maliyeti: 72 076 880.00 TRY
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  • Ex Works (şirketten alım),
  • Kurye teslimi
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Türkiye, Samsun
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Teknik bilgiler
  • MarkaLeo Metallum
  • Üretici ülkeTürkiye
  • AlışımAlaşım olmayan
  • Tel çapı8 mm
  • ETP CU %99.95 pure

Copper has always been the standard material for electrical wiring systems. Because it can flow electricity very easily as it is a good conductor. We offer a comprehensive range of copper wire to our clients in various specifications of diameter and length. These hi - quality wire have excellent electrical and thermal properties and supplied with spools, coils or straightened. They are Useful in motor winding wire, cables, transformer winding, telecommunications, explosives, fuse wires, railways and many applications.

They are produced, hard or annealed by copper wire rods which are drawn down to thickness 1, 40 mm - 8mm. They are according with TS 3, DIN EN 13601, DIN EN 13602. General properties material with minimum copper content 99. 95% .

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Copper wire
Copper wire
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