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Ambulans Otobüs Dünyanın en büyük Hastane otobüsü

Ambulans Otobüs Dünyanın en büyük Hastane otobüsü

Ön siparişi
Toptan satış:
  • 100000 TRY/adet  - itibaren 99000 adet
Minimum sipariş maliyeti: 9 900 000 000.00 TRY
Profil ihracatı:
  • Ex Works (şirketten alım),
  • Kurye teslimi
  • In detail
Türkiye, İstanbul
(Haritada göstermek)
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 We produce the highest quality ambulance buses in the world.


Ambulance Bus least model Mercedes CONNECTO 2019, Diesel Operated, with 295 Horse Power, length 1200cm, width 250 cm, warrant y(we will talk) The detailed catalogue of the vehicle is attached.

comfortable bus free of disturbance and concussion

360 L tank capacity

Electrical Diesel generator, low noise, 20Kw, mounted on movable latch

Automatic Transmission

Hydrollic Breakes, ABS

electrical circuits should be done isolated from the main bus circuits, 3 power outlets for each bed, 3 pin, 220V

frontal control board should have all controls, and installed in an appropriate position inside the driver cabin

install tracking system, and camera system in all directions, recordable, and an audio/visual system between driver cabin and patient cabin

Radio Two Way

Audible alarm system in driver cabin when the rear door is opened once the trasmission is on D

Rear camera and sensors with Screen

install most advance electromagnetic system that doesn’t interfere with the medical devices

all modified controls should be in English and Arabic, on lighted plastic

install 4 led warning lights, on front top window, pure red and 2 on front bottom window.

instrall spotlights on all sides fixes or movable

install 6 LED700 red, on all sides, with control from driver cabin

install 2 red LED700 on rear left and right side

install 2 red LED700 on rear center

- lights should be on during reverse

install audible alarm system, with more than 5 tones, on the front bumpers all internal/external emergency and precautions lights, should be of high quality

install 2 refrigerator 12V, operated with constant current

install main vital sign monitor, connected to Life Pack

walls and ceiling should be Rockwool covered, that is resistant to fire, humid, rot, and anti - bacterial.

install polywood anti - bacterial internal closets 18mm, on right and left side, humid and rot resistant, with Polycarbonate doors to store medical devices and medications

patient cabin should be all covered by High Grade Aluminium Composite Panel, with voice, humidity and temperature isolated, with no sharp edges

- install sponges on head level

- internal height 210 cm

- PVC Ceiling Liner

patient cabin floor should be polywood 18mm, water resistant and isolated, with a vinyl layer anti slippery, gray color install 3 Intrraxx system horizontally on bus wall, to hold the dev

install door on every side automatically and manually operated, width 110cm, with window half shaded on the doors, with anti slippery latch for patient stretcher, has night light indicators

install medium oxygem cylinders with ease of acceess

Oxygen Specs:

1 - Electrical and manual control valve for oxygen cylinders

2 - manual handle in case of electrical shutdown

3 - oxygen digital monitor to display pressure and alarm system in case of decrease in oxygen level

provide additional oxygen valve enabled on 200 pound for every squared inch

oxygen regulator should be enabled on pressure line 50 + 10 pound for every squared inch

6 - the regulator should be able to has 100 L/min flow

ceil mounted solution holder abover every bed

install 20 Led internal lights

install 2 electrical power adapter for medical devices and AC's

install electrical power adaptor 220V, 3000Watt for backup

The vehicle will be used in the original regiment system

3 electrical outlets, 220V, for every patient bed, to connect and charge the medical devices, with extra 2 electrical outlets 12V for every bed

install four ventilation fan to be operated from patient control board with ventilation holes on the top of patients cabin

install 7 fire extinguishers

install 7 water thermos

install 2 ICU beds, and 6 or 7 bed with USA or European Standards, weight load 290 kg, length 170 cm, width 70 cm

install folding seats for patients and staff, distrubed among the bus

manufacturer should be KKK - A - 1822F certified, has previous governmental projects, and submit commitment letter with quick response and preventive maintanence plan

bus color as per MOH specs and should be light reflected

install hand sterilizers distributed on the bus

install clear water tank and washer

Install Tent on the right side along the bus, operated automatically

Delivery Period 2month from PO date


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Ambulans Otobüs Dünyanın en büyük Hastane otobüsü
Ambulans Otobüs Dünyanın en büyük Hastane otobüsü
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