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Set of equipment for the production of food alcohol

Set of equipment for the production of food alcohol

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1. Universal distillation unit for the production of edible alcohol (BRU)

BRU periodic action is designed to obtain ethyl alcohol of the 1st grade and the highest purification from the mash in accordance with GOST 5962 - 85.

Mash, respectively, can be made from raw grain or molasses. In addition, the plant can produce various edible alcohols for the preparation of spirits, incl. and cognac, settings, apple vodka, liqueurs, etc. when disposing of sugar - containing secondary resources of the food industry and agriculture.

With BRU productivity 1200 kg. alcohol per day, it is necessary to process 15 tons of mash for the preparation of which you need about 3.6 tons of grain.

BRU consists of two main parts: beer and alcohol columns with the appropriate associated equipment (refluxers, refrigerators, still evaporator, vacuum interrupter, intermediate tanks, reflux tanks, separator and cyclone).

In the mash column, crude alcohol with a strength of 7 - 8 vol. % Of alcohol is obtained from the mash with a strength of 50 to 70 vol. % Of alcohol, which is accumulated in an intermediate tank, and then fed for distillation to the still evaporator of the alcohol column to obtain food alcohol.

1.1. Technical characteristics of BRU

Productivity, l. / Day 1000 - 1200
Recyclable bard from grain, molasses, Jerusalem artichoke
Column mash, diameter mm. 300
Number of plates. shin 25
Height, m. 7
Column alcohol, diameter mm. 400
Number of plates, pcs. 70
Height, m. 17.5
Process water consumption m 3 / h. 15
Steam consumption kg / h 600 - 800
Steam pressure, MPa up to 0.3
Electricity consumption Energy, kWh to 10

The minimum area of a production facility for a distillery shop is 45 m 2 .

The minimum height of the room is 7 m.


2. Fermentation department (BO)

BO is intended for making mash from starch or sugar - containing raw materials.

BO includes a grain cleaning machine, scales, conveyors, boilers, saccharifiers, heat exchangers, fermentation tanks (4 pcs. With a capacity of 20 m 2 ), yeast, malt washing tanks, malt milk chunks, malt crusher, pumps and filter press.

2.1. BO technical characteristics:

2.1.1. Grain consumption 3.6 tons / day
2.1.2. Water consumption 13 tons / day
2.1.3. Malt consumption 470 kg. / Day
2.1.4. Boiler water consumption 2 tons / day
2.1.5. Water consumption in the saccharifier 0.8 tons / day
2.1.6 Steam pressure in the broiler 5.5 - 6 bar
2.1.7. BO area 100 m 2

Depending on the climatic conditions, the BO can be mounted outdoors.

3. Granary

For storage of grain, it is necessary to provide for a grain storage of an appropriate volume, depending on the daily consumption of grain and the possibility of its delivery to production.

4. Alcohol storage

The alcohol storage facility provides containers for raw alcohol and finished product. The volume of containers depends on the possibilities and conditions of sale.

Production area 60 m 2 .


5. Boiler room

5.1. Boiler with a capacity of 1t. steam per hour and a steam pressure of 5 - 6 bar;

5.2. Chemical water treatment 2 m 3 / hour


For more information on the characteristics and terms of delivery of equipment, please send a request to the E - mail of NPF "Newton".

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Set of equipment for the production of food alcohol
Set of equipment for the production of food alcohol
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