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Torsion and holographic device IS-1 Frigate – Informacionnaya kosmetika, IVP Fermion, Korporaciya |
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Torsion and holographic device IS-1 Frigate

Torsion and holographic device IS-1 Frigate

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Technical characteristics
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Purpose of the torsion and holographic device "IS-1 Frigate"

TGU "IS-1 Frigate" is the independent device of the Frigate series and is intended for change around the owner of the total spinor vector rezonansno coinciding with its individual informoparametra.

The substance created by means of "Frigate" interferes with introduction in a personal informostruktura of the person of the parasitizing programs which at today's stage of development of technologies (the 25th shot, advertizing, the NLP, influence via TV, radio, occult and much more sophisticated methods), became the main instrument of management of consciousness of society. It also caused mass need for the devices capable to resist to this information pressure.

At transitional stage TGU "IS-1 Frigate" becomes the individual filter which guarantees to the owner a harmonious, correct and safe ekranirovka against negative external impacts from the moment of acquisition.

Features of the torsion and holographic device

We are respectful to various power information projects and their authors (self-adhesive matrixes, pyramids, resonators, inverters, biostimulators, etc. products), but we want to emphasize that the strong protective effect of TGU "IS-1 Frigate" is based on synthesis of basic information regularities with unique know-how "IVP Fermion".

The last ways of information ekranirovka created to the person a rigid framework through which the considerable part of information necessary for decision-making did not get. Speed of individual evolution of the person was sharply slowed down, and blind dependence on such products was often formed.

The concept "IVP Fermion" consists that no mechanical devices will replace human consciousness. Only development of abilities of the owner can guarantee his survival and prosperity during information era. Therefore all devices "IVP Fermion" are most effective exercise machines for consciousness and development of abilities.

At the time of the difference of emotions or the reduced self-checking (caused by meteopatiy, household quarrel, professional disorders), external managing directors of the program easily get into an informoobolochka. Being built in an informostruktura of the person, they begin gradually, imperceptibly, to direct his life, forcing to carry out others purposes and tasks. "IS-1 Frigate" is distinctive feature ability to create the hollow vacuum substance shielding it at sharp changes of individual sensual and conceptual characteristics around the owner.

All devices "IVP Fermion" mutually strengthen each other, and the IS-1 Frigate functions perfectly supplement work of "Frigates" of all other projects. Its structural basis is also regularly reactivated including for prevention of unauthorized impacts on the network parameters "IVP Fermion".

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Torsion and holographic device IS-1 Frigate
Torsion and holographic device IS-1 Frigate
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