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Gas torches for heating and welding are quality production, individually passed tests and test which guarantee safety, reliability, ease in use and excellent operational characteristics.


Device and principle of work of a torch: The roofing torch represents the glass on the basis of metal equipped with a nozzle and the plastic or wooden handle attached to the case.

The design of a glass of a gas torch is developed so that the flame was protected from a zaduvaniye by wind. Intake of gas in the case is made through a special pipeline hose. The propane given under pressure is generally used. On a torch there is a gate for regulation of amount of the supplied gas. In addition, there is also an opportunity to regulate flame length. To save the spent gas, on roofing torches there is a special reducer controlling fuel consumption.

All models of torches are equipped with system of a suction of atmospheric air. To start a torch, use usual matches or a lighter.

Handle length for keeping of a torch has to make no more than a meter. The device very easy: its weight fluctuates within 1-1,5 kilograms. For prevention of burns of the handle of torches are equipped by the holder from very strong breeds of trees or heat-resistant plastic.

  • Manufacturer Idealgas company SRL (Italy).
  • GAS: Propane/Bhutan
  • Nominal pressure: 4 BARS, minimum pressure: 2 BARS.
  • This gas torch is made according to directions of EN 731/98.


If as waterproofing material roofing material is used, not to do without gas torch in any way. It is necessary also for a roof covering the modern built-up types of materials. All process of work with the device can be divided into several stages.
For a start it is necessary to prepare the basis for further laying of material. For this purpose it should be cleared of garbage. If there is a need, then it is also necessary to carry out alignment of a surface by means of a concrete coupler. After that on all surface roll rolled material so that the sheets located in the neighbourhood formed an overlap from 85 to 90 mm wide. Having finished alignment and having made a marking, rolls need to be rolled again and by means of a torch to strengthen at the roof basis. Warming the lower part of a roll and the basis of a roof by means of a torch flame, material is slowly rolled, pressing to the basis.

To avoid formation of folds and air bubbles, it is necessary to carry out by a manual skating rink on the attached cloth. At the final stage of works the roofing gas torch is used to warm up seams of the material laid with an overlap. After that seams should be rolled by means of a manual skating rink again.

Safety rules during the work with gas torches for a roof
At operation of gas torches it is necessary to follow safety rules strictly.
  • For carrying out roofing works it is necessary to change clothes in special overalls and footwear with a nonskid sole. Also some extras will be necessary: running bridges, belt etc.
  • Prior to work it is necessary to perform careful external inspection to be convinced of full serviceability of gas torches, cylinders, connecting hoses.
  • During operation of a gas torch on a workplace there can be only one gas cylinder.
  • During work it is necessary to watch closely preservation of tightness of connection of cylinders and reducers with hoses.
  • During firing of a torch it is impossible to face a nozzle. The direction of a flame of a torch has to be such that it did not touch the people who are nearby, a cylinder with gas and connecting hoses.
  • In the course of work with the built-up materials it is necessary to watch that they did not overheat and did not ignite. Heating material by means of this device, it is necessary to try to obtain that only the lower part of a cloth melted. It is impossible to assume that all thickness of material was softened.
  • Firing of a torch cannot be carried out from unintentionally lit up objects. For this purpose it is possible to use only matches or a lighter.
  • At operation of propane model of a torch the gate is slightly opened not on a whole revolution, and half. Having waited several seconds, it is possible to set fire to mix then to pass to adjustment of length of a flame.
  • The worker with the lit torch in hands has no right to overstep the bounds of a workplace or to climb the woods.
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